5 Stay At Home Jobs In NZ

Are you looking for a stay at home job that you can start with no money, maybe for a second income, or even to replace you current income?

I could give you 50 examples right now, but that is probably a lot to take on board in just one post. How about I take you through the basic of 5 of my favourite and you decide which, if any, suit your needs?

Full disclosure I do have a top recommendation and I will leave that until the end.

Why A Stay At Home Job?

If you are reading this then you have, I guess, typed something about stay at home jobs into your search engine and then either directly or by a circuitous path you have ended up on my Blog roll.

It also follows then, I guess that you will have a pretty clear idea about why you are exploring the options available to you for stay at home jobs.

You may want some supplementary income or to eventually replace an income. It might that you just want some time and location flexibility but at the same time be productive or have an outlet for your creativity. The reasons could be many and varied and the important thing is that you know what your own reasons are. These will drive your goals and targets and determine how much time you are willing to commit to a stay at home job.

One of the big reasons for working from home is to cut your overheads so that you can put any spare resource you have into establishing sustaining and growing whatever your chosen activity will be.

But having identified your reasons what are some options that are available to you to meet that criteria.

4 Great Options

I will quickly go over 4 options that might interest you and then talk about my recommendation. The key thing about the recommendation is that you can use that recommendation in concert with the 4 options listed here to build more than one revenue stream and achieve the best of all worlds!

Option 1 – Freelance Writer

I used to do this as a content writer through an online brokerage called Freelancer. This was an easy earner writing content for other people and being payed through a well regulated escrow payment mechanism. The great thing about Freelancer is that regardless of what particular skillset you have you can usually trade it through Freelancer by bidding for projects against other freelance skills providers so there is huge diversity at play.

Option 2 – YouTube Influencer or Vlogger

YouTube has become a hugely significant marketing and sales channel in recent years. 81% of 18-25 year olds in the US alone are YouTube users. This represents a huge market, particularly in the early twenties when discretionary income has not yet been committed to responsibilities like family mortgages and other traditional financial responsibilities. Of course, it takes a certain amount of courage and style to get in front of a camera and do your thing and its not for everyone.

Option 3 – Blogger

If you can write basic English and you have an interest or an issue there is money to be made out of it. There are countless examples on the internet (me being one of them) where people are doing just exactly this. I have another Blog on Paleo which you are welcome to look at as example of commercial Blogging on the internet.

Option 4 – E Book Author

This is wide open to anyone again who can write basic English and who Hasan interest in writing fact or fiction or even faction! The youngest person I know to have done this quite successfully is a family friend who self published (on Amazon) an E book romance novel when she was 12. It is still there and still earning for her every time it sells and it still does!

Making It Easy

Many people will be able to choose any one of these options and get started right away. But others may wonder how they might get started, what to do first, where to find support and guidance and what tools are needed and where to get them from?

This is why my top recommendation follows because all of those issues and concerns are taken care of in a 1 STOP SHOP and the 4 options listed above can also be combined with my top recommendation to develop multiple revenue streams and achieve a better sum of the parts.

There is also the option to take test drive With no consequence other than an investment of some time.

If this is beginning to sound attractive then please read on…….

My Top Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate

As I said at outset I have a recommendation and that is that you take a very serious look at Wealthy Affiliate; an outstanding platform that will provide evergreen training, ongoing support, coaching and mentor ship, for however long you choose to be in business.

Wealthy affiliate has over 1 million members today and is growing every day. It gives you access to the 7Bn people around the world who are the potential customers of anything and everything that is sold via the internet. Now, if any, you choose you could be sharing in those profits, if any, you have the attitude and fortitude to follow guidance and put into practice what the training delivers for you.

You have the potential to get into partnership with some big players with a global reach such as Amazon and many others too numerous to mention.

YES and NO

NO, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

NO, It is not a SCAM.

NO, It is not a ponsey or pyramid scheme.

YES, it is a wholly legitimate business owned by you with no up line or down line.

YES, you can try it for FREE and work out, if any, it is for you (no payment details required).

YES, If you then choose to take a subscription to the platform you can get that subscription for less than $1 a day!

YES, You will be guided step by step through everything thing that you need to do to succeed.

YES, You will need to do some work.

YES, You can work at your own speed, you set your own targets and goals.

YES, you can have FREE website hosting.

YES, you have nothing to lose by taking a test drive.

How About A Test Drive

If you are ready you can go straight to the FREE trial (no payment or credit card details necessary) and you could be up and running with a live website within the hour!

Maybe want to explore more and get a bit more meat on the bone before going to the Free trial?

That’s great I understand fully, there is nothing at all wrong with doing your due diligence! I did quite a lot of my own online research before trying this myself.

You Should look at my Beginners Review which talks in more detail about the art of the possible.

Whichever of these choices you make you have the opportunity right now to set off to begin a personal adventure which has the potential to unlock a path to personal freedoms, choices and control which until now you may have only dreamed of.

6 thoughts on “5 Stay At Home Jobs In NZ”

  1. Hi Hamish. Those great options are cool. Those are actually what I intend doing. Being a blogger would help us develop all of the other skills. For example I’d love to run a YouTube channel along side with my blog to get more traffic and probably another stream of income (YouTube). With my experience in can write a book that is packed with value and I can even be a freelancer too.

  2. Yeah this is cool. I feel that the options enlisted here on this post are really the best ways an individual can earn a decent living on the internet and to me, this is very great. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I actually think affiliate marketing is the best from the list as it open the door to greater possibility if well done and mastered. Thanks

  3. Thanks for your highly informative article, Hamish. It’s helped me a lot with my research on online businesses, freelancing, and commercial blogging. I was happy to learn about the website ‘Freelancer’, which I’ll definitely check out. I also really like your blog on Paleo diet, (which I haven’t been aware of until now), it’s so clear and concise, really easy to follow. Your blog layout inspired me to spend the whole morning designing my website! 🙂 I love the way we all can learn from each other. And I also like your point about eBook authors; the story about your friend who published a novel at the age of 12 made me smile. My husband is a published poet with 7 books in print, but often it is difficult to find the right publisher, so last year I decided to self-publish his recent poetry collection in Kindle and ePub format. I love the fact that nowadays we’ve got so many options! We just to have an open mind and take things step by step, otherwise we’ll get discouraged by too much choice and too much competition. Thanks again for all your useful info, all super-inspiring! 

    • Wonderful feedback much appreciated. I seem to have hit a number of good points for you Lucie thanks so much for visiting both my websites.

      I hope that it all goes well for you.

      Hamish 🧐



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