About Hamish

Welcome to the beginning of an opportunity that you may find hard to believe; a place where people will go out of their way to help you to succeed in business.

  1. A business, which you will own and operate.
  2. A business, which you will set up, for a ridiculously low amount of money.
  3. A business, where you can dictate when, and how, you work.
  4. A business, where the earning potential is limited only by your imagination and your willingness to follow a system.
  5. A business, which lets you Work From Home Online (WFHOL).

Where I Have Been To Get To Here

I have been on a career path for the last 45 years, which has been rewarding, exciting, full of adventures, travel and learning. That career is rapidly coming to a close, and I am now applying my energies, to a business vehicle that I have far more control over, than I ever had working for my bosses over those 45 years.

I am now working to take control of my time and stop being a slave to the alarm clock. I am looking forward to waking up organically, with the sun on my face, rather than bells ringing in my ears.

Where I Am Going And Why

A big part of my career has been the training and developing of others, by creating the conditions and giving them the tools to unlock their own potential. I am a natural coach and mentor and there is nothing that excites me more, than to see people succeed, particularly when I have had a hand in supporting them, and guiding them along the way.

Not only can I continue to do this, but I can do it in a way that delivers benefit to thousands, maybe one day even tens of thousands, from the vantage position of my computer keyboard, here at home. Yes an end to commuting 2 hours a day, and the beginning of commuting from my bedroom to my home office!

How Will I Do It

The information on this site will help anyone who has the desires, the dreams, and the work ethic to unlock their personal potential, and provide a path to financial freedom and control, of their time and their destiny.

I really look forward to taking you on the journey with me…..will you come?




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