Affiliate Marketing Programme

Affiliate Marketing A Programme

This post is an unvarnished endorsement of what I believe to be the best Affiliate Marketing, training, hosting and support platform available to any of us, anywhere in the world, today!

If I appear biased, I make little apology for that, because I am both pleased, and proud, to be associated with Wealthy Affiliate (WA) the platform upon which I have established, and upon which I continue to develop, this commercial Blog which you are reading right now.

Wealthy Affiliate

Let me give you a guided tour of the 1st class opportunity, from Wealthy Affiliate, that is available, to quite literally to anyone My hope is that my tour will give you a really good and clear understanding of why myself, and 2 million others, choose to build our Affiliate Marketing Business, using this outstanding service platform, and why I recommend it highly to all readers of this post.

Service Fees:


Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Take advantage of this FREE deal here now).

Price: Premium Membership, (exactly the same service levels but offered at different discount levels).

  1. $49/month = Annual $588.
  2. $234 for 6 months = Annual $468 = 21% discount on annual fee, or.
  3. $359 yearly = 39% discount on annual fee.

Other Key Details:

Owners: Canadian Enterepeneurs Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim.

My Personal Performance Ranking: 95/100.

Who Will This Opportunity Suit?: Just about everybody; beginners, experienced, inexperienced, part-time or full-time business entrepreneurs.

What Do You Get for your Money?

Wealthy Affiliate has been described by many as an online University. It is a first class training source based on video lessons, interactive webinars and written tutorial that is evergreen and in a constant cycle of upgrade and continuous improvement. In this one place it is possible to find most, if not all, of the tools which anyone would require to build an online business from the comfort of your home keyboard. It is possible to ally yourself to a 1:1 coach and or mentor, and there is a wealth of learning to be derived by the frequent and vibrant interaction of the online social platform community.

The whole range of service offerings, comparing starter with premium membership is detailed here:

Service Package

Lets just look in a bit more detail at four of the great membership services from Wealthy Affiliate that put them ahead of the competition today:

1. Site Security

  • A modern website needs high performance speed to assure good engagement with visitors and achieve higher rankings with search engines. The baseline technology in the Wealthy Affiliate infrastructure delivers some of the highest speed performance available from any of the contemporary platform as a service (PaaS) providers out there today. The platform’s spam blocker technology is the best there is and all sites are built with https.

2. Tools

The, in house developed, Jaaxy keyword tool software is second to none, Jaaxyboasting a range of features that accelerate SEO content creation by taking the guesswork out of this aspect of establishing an effective affiliate marketing business. Unsurprising as the platform creators started their business with a simple keyword database and have since then developed it into the premier training support and hosting platform that it is today.

Content writerThe in house content writing tool with a range of ready to go templates, integrated seamlessly with wordpress, is a phenomenally easy and convenient way to write content, at the same time allowing you set content targets and goals and measure and monitor your progress as you go.

3. Website Hosting and Site Domains

The advantage of having everything in one place is taken a stage further by offering 3 options for hosting of your website from the Wealthy affiliate platform, all of which attract the same support services as an inclusive element of the premium members package subscription:

  • Free domain names with the in-house SiteRubiix suffix.
  • Buy your own domain name, at better, or at least competitive prices to other domain name sellers.
  • Transfer an existing domain, which you already own to, the Wealthy Affiliate host platform.

Hosting Package

  • A click and go build processDashboard
  • Market leading secure hosting
  • Daily backups
  • WordPress server optimisation
  • 24/7 Monitoring of website
  • Emails and domain forwarding
  • Site health monitoring dashboards
  • Website automatic login inside the WA platform
  • 24/7 technical support with market leading response and fulfillment rates.

and much more…

4. Training

This in my opinion is one of the jewels in the crown for this PaaS, what you get for the money and which you can test for FREE is quite phenomenal. I have been involved in developing and delivering training for four decades of my professional career and this is up there with some of the best that I have had the privilege to work with.

WA training is evergreen, constantly being updated and continually improved to match the continuous improvement philosophy of the WA PaaS. There is something for everyone here and I am frequently struck by the constant flow of comments which come from experienced Affiliate Marketers who join WA and applaud the breadth, consistency and quality of the training opportunity. Training like this is very available from other platforms but invariably through a series of upsells that end up costing far more than any of the 3 subscription packages offered by WA for premium membership.

Online Entrepeneur Certification (unique to WA)

This consists of 50, self paced video tutorials, which teach everything required to establish a working Affiliate Marketing Website.

These are arranged each as ten easy to digest tutorials over the 5 key subjects below. The first 10 lessons in getting started are enough for a FREE subscription member to establish a foundation website for Affiliate Marketing. You can see the content of those 10 lessons by clicking on the first heading.

The other 40 lessons are unlocked when a FREE subscription is upgraded to a Premium subscription by selecting one of the 3 subscription purchase options.

  • Getting Started
  • Building Your Website
  • Making money
  • Mastering Social Media Engagement
  • Achieving Great Results through Content Marketing.

Tasks at the end of each tutorial get you active and practicing what you have learned as well as interacting with the great WA community.

There are 4 basic steps to building an Affiliate Marketing business as taught by WA. All the training required to walk these 4 steps is under one roof and available on the WA Platform.

4 Basic Steps To Build An Affiliate Marketing Business

  1. This can be a passion which you might have already or something you would really like to learn about.
  2. Building a website with Wealthy Affiliate has been reduced to a simple plug and play process. Follow the guidance and you business website will be live on the internet within the hour.
  3. Keyword and SEO training tools and support will put you in a position to attract people to your website in time.
  4. There is estimated to be in excess of 500 MILLION products and services online that Affiliate Partners would like you to help them sell, by driving customers to their market places. WA can teach you how to.

Live Training

Affiliate Marketers stay on top of the market, and the technology, constantly making adjustments and continuous improvements to websites, online presence and marketing portfolios. This keeps to keeps business growing. WA also caters for this, with weekly live training served up each Friday evening or Saturday morning, depending on your place in the World. These are 1 hour interactive sessions facilitated by Magistudios, WA’s lead training director.

These sessions are recorded and served up in the training library. So even if you are unavailable to attend live the information is there for you to benefit from when you are ready to consume and digest it and of course you can revisit it or any of the other extensive training resources as many times as you need or want to.

Support Options

A snapshot of the support options shows us the comprehensive and varied nature of the types of support available to members at WA. I suggest that you would be hard-pressed to find better anywhere else as part of an inclusive package all located one easy to use platform. These kinds options typically are available by combining providers and usually through separate subscriptions.

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

The Good

  • Absolutely FREE trial (no Payment details required)GBU
  • Market leading, quality, evergreen, training
  • Easiest website launch on the planet
  • Four element support system
  • In business for yourself but not by yourself
  • Constantly upgraded and continuously improved technology platfrom
  • Secure, monitored, reliable web hosting
  • Same service level premium membership with 3 subscription options
  • Encouraging, friendly supportive membership
  • No Upsells

The Bad

  • Easy to become distracted by the social aspects of the platform
  • YOU ARE THE BOSS – you set your own targets, monitor progress and take responsibility for your own business.

The Ugly

  • Just about everything, listed in ‘The Good’ above, is available from other platforms and providers
    • It rarely is available from one provider, to the extent and quality available from WA
    • Likely to have to multiple source
    • Likely to cost significantly more
    • Certainly will entail greater management overhead on your part


The good news is that you do not have to do this alone and you do not have to have great knowledge or skills about establishing and maintaining websites or how to take advantage of the affiliate marketplace.

A more detailed explanation of how this is possible can be found in my review on Wealthy Affiliate – A Beginners Experience (

Wealthy AffiliateIf you think you have enough information already and you are interested in knowing how you can test your suitability, as a Business Blogger, at no cost and no obligation, while gaining valuable experience, first class training, new skills and knowledge right now, then head over to Wealthy Affiliate You could have a website up and running, with your first blog published today for FREE.

I would really like to hear from you (in the comments below) if you need any questions answered. If you have anything to offer in the way of experience in this area then please do contribute I am always keen to hear of other’ experiences and to keep learning; I will answer all comments as I am able.

I hope, that you have found this post of some use and that I have hit the mark that I was aiming for when I set out to write it; you my readers, I think, are easily the best judges of that!

Be healthy and stay safe and stay home.



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  1. I’m excited reading all this. It’s impressive for me to have a website completely free and this training and these tools. I’ll be staying home a couple of weeks more. I think there is no better opportunity than this to test drive this platform. Thank you very much for the thorough review.

  2. Wealthy affiliate truly offers so much and it is probably the best online platform that anyone would see online. I have been a member for a couple of days now and the little I have learnt is so good. The value given on the platform is really worth it. I like the fact that everyone is really helpful on the platform. I really hope many people will join in.

  3. Wealthy Affiliate looks like an amazing platform and I have no doubt it can be regarded as a university for those who are looking forward to working online. From a look at its pricing, I love how it gives discounts which make the decision
     to commit a longer subscription plan easy. Another aspect which I have been impressed with is the availability of tools that can be used to make your online business grow. This is without doubt, the complete platform. 

    • Well I am of course biased Benson but I do agree nevertheless, one package, one price, one platform.

      Thanks for coming by



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