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This post is not complicated; it is a simple set of questions designed to help you think about, and focus on, how you create an action plan to stop, talking, wishing, or dreaming about wanting to be your own boss, and get on and do something concrete about it.

My vehicle for this is to tell the story of my personal experience, and how I eventually arrived at the decisions that I did, and what I am doing about getting on with being my own boss.

I hope that it is of some value to you and as a result of reading and considering it, that it might just inspire you enough to turn those thoughts into real actions.



The big question, why do you want to be your own boss?

Time in My Life

When I first thought about this there was a lot going through my head and a lot going on in my life. I was about 34 years old and I had already been in the British Army for 18 years, having joined when I was sixteen and a half.

I was back in UK after spending just over two and a half years in Cyprus, as the commander of a Signal Squadron (military communications). I was in simple terms the UK forces Telecom provider in the Sovereign Base Areas of that beautiful country. My first child, now a 28-year-old musician, was born there and it had been a great adventure for my family and I at the start of our married life.

The Good Life

In Cyprus, we lived in a large 4 bedroom house, with a stone flagged terrace, and a palm tree overlooking the Mediterranean Ocean. We had great beaches, great food, great wine and great people. We even had George Michael, the pop star’s aunt working for us as a domestic assistant! We ate out most days, and at cheaper prices than we could buy groceries for to prepare meals at home, eating at home was the exception!

The Come Down

After two and a half years, of what seemed to us at the time, to be the best lifestyle we would ever have, we were back in the grey colourless UK winter, in a cold and damp base-accommodation house. We had a  one year old child, I had a daily commute to work of one hour each way, and everything, after our overseas adventure,  just seemed so expensive; car insurance fuel, utilities, groceries clothes, entertainment, eating out, quite literally everything was more expensive than we had been used to in the preceding two and a half years. We began to feel that pressure and look for supplementary income.


The wife of a friend of mine at work invited my wife to a presentation; it was a really very mysterious approach, just come and see this business opportunity at another friends house. No information about what it was, or what the products were, just a message, that if we were interested in being our own bosses, then this was really worth a look.

My attitude was what do I have to lose? So we turned up at the friend of a friends house, not really knowing what to expect.

There were 3 or 4 other married couples, who had already arrived before us, who were all dressed for a formal dinner or a business meeting (we were in very casual house clothes apparently the chap who had invited us had neglected to tell us that we should dress in business clothes… to go to someone’s house?)

Anyway a great fuss and build up introduction was given for  the speaker by our hosts, about how privileged we were to have the opportunity to hear from someone really successful in the business, and how they were hoping to blow our minds with the information that he would be presented this evening………

Pause………………. given the number of long time entrepreneurs out there reading this I am going to be really surprised if thousands of you do not know what’s coming next, I hope that I don’t disappoint………..

So This chap in a very expensive looking blue suit and bright red silk tie, who a had a Porsche 911 parked outside, started talking and ‘drawing circles’ (a phrase that became synonymous with this business presentation). This presentation was all about getting into the business and getting others into the business and the possibilities of the royalties that this  attracted. It took another hour before the products were even mentioned, and the company was identified eventually as Amway UK.

The Amway Years

We actually quite liked what we saw that evening and we also bought the hype on the concentrated products being more efficient and cost effective. We were ‘followed up’ 2 days later by the dude in the blue suit and we had no hesitation in signing up for the accelerator pack, which I think cost 150 pounds (which we really didn’t have to spend at that time) We had just joined the IBS (International Business Systems) UK support network as ‘independent’ Amway distributors.

The story and scandals surrounding the IBS network in the UK and their eventual acrimonious divorce from Amway, ( which was very much initiated by Amway UK) are  well documented and can be read in several places on the net. Suffice to say that although we were Amway distributors for nearly 4 years, and we made some pocket money out of it, the only people getting rich, or making even a reasonable income from Amway in the UK at that time, were the big cheeses who were the leaders and beneficiaries of the profits, of the much hyped, and guilt peddled products (books, videos, audio cassettes and seminar tickets) which formed the ‘must do’ support system and activities.

As people became wise to this and memberships frittered and died away, our royalties gradually diminished and we eventually let our own distributorship membership lapse………..we moved on.

The Lesson Learned

We learned a lot;

  • we learned that we did enjoy being entrepreneurial,
  • we learned that we were naive about this kind of business opportunity,
  • we learned that we would need to do due diligence in the future.
  • we did actually get some benefit (we need not have paid as much to achieve that benefit) from the self development programme that was the IBS vehicle to profit, rather than their Amway distributorships.

Above all what we learned was that we were envious of the lifestyles of the so called leaders and that we were actually willing to work quite hard to enjoy even some, if not all, of those benefits.

We knew would try again (not Amway good gracious no!) because we knew we had to chase our dreams and we knew that others were doing it so why not us.

There would be many more experiments in entrepreneurship before I would finally find something that ticked all the boxes.


I hope that in the previous section I have demonstrated that grabbing at the first thing that comes your way, just because you are seduced by the approach, or the glossy collateral that is presented with the approach, is probably less than ideal.

That said, in many ways it doesn’t matter what it is as, long as you really know what it is, and you have done a reasonable estimate of your ability, willingness, and interest to make it work.

In simple term this is about doing your due diligence. Here are 5 tips on some things that you might want to consider when looking at what you might do to be your own boss:

  1. identify your current skills and your ability to assimilate those skills that you don’t have in order to establish and sustain your proposed business opportunity.
  2. Identify the need; is this a growing, emerging or already sustained market, or is it a waning opportunity?
  3. Identify if you have the resources to get started, whether this be time or seed capital.
  4. Identify an avenue to receive coaching and mentoring.
  5. Most importantly be ready to face failure!

At the end of this Blog I can point you to an opportunity where you can tick all of those boxes and be in business in no time at all with an unparalleled support system to help you be your own boss but not be alone in business.

While I would recommend that all of these are really important and will help you to avoid false starts, easily the most important is the last two.

Firstly; it is just unrealistic to expect to be an overnight or instant success and the vast majority of us have and will stumble on the way to the right idea, right product right approach, whatever it happens to be. If you know you do not have staying power, then my best advice to anyone would be just don’t start because you are on a road to disappointment. Secondly; it is just good sense, and plain logic, to travel the path of those who are successful and can help you be successful.

Failure in business is like losing a battle in a war. In the Second World War the allied powers lost many battles to the axis powers but the ultimate result was that the allies won the war. Business is no different though hopefully without the violence!

Ray Croc, the man behind the success of what is now the McDonalds empire, was 55 when he found the McDonald Brothers doing their unique thing in San Bernardino in California. He had tried and failed at dozens of entrepreneurial ventures in the preceding years. What would have happened if he had given up on his milkshake machine sales; he would never have gone to San Bernardino and shopping malls would all look quite different today, with no Golden Arches to be seen anywhere, never mind the 119 countries accounting for 34,480 restaurants that is their current footprint (I highly recommend Croc’s autobiography “Grinding it Out’ which was made into a film a couple of years ago ‘The Founder’ with Michael Keaton playing Croc. The book is available from (here) in paperback and is a truly inspiring read. And very valuable for the faltering would be entrepreneur.

At the end of this Blog I can point you to an opportunity where you can tick all of those boxes and be in business in no time at all with an unparalleled support system to help you be your own boss but not be alone in business.



If you are serious, then get on and make it happen!

In recent years, one of my favourite anonymous quotations has become:

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is deeply buried!

If this applies to you, then think hard about whether you really want to be your own boss, or whether you are actually just enjoying a pointless pipe dream that will inevitably come to nothing.

I have had bouts of procrastination and then I have beaten myself up, when I realised that I had just allowed time to get away from me that I could never recover. You don’t have to make the same mistake.  Apparently this passes as a  definition of wisdom (not making the same mistakes other people have made)

Ray Croc in the story above, once he was convinced that he had found ‘THE IDEA’, was relentless in achieving his goals and we all know how that turned out!


In the next section I am going to provide you with an opportunity to go and read a review of an amazing business opportunity which (full disclosure) I am involved in and which is bringing success to many hundreds of thousands of people around the globe right now.

This Blog is part of that opportunity and the way in which I am able to work from home and make an income, with the luxury of controlling my time and turning up to my office (At home 4 feet from my bedroom) in my pyjamas if I wish to.

  • This business is highly mobile; I can take it with me anywhere.
  • This business lets me maximise the power of my time.
  • This business has a customer potential of billions.
  • This business is limited only by your imagination and application.
  • This business is for everyone; anyone can do it and they are.
  • This business is for you


If you are ready and you are serious, then I need you to do just one more thing before you act………

Go to the link below and read my review on this opportunity, if you like what you see, then go and sign up for the FREE trial (no credit card or payment details required)

If you like what you see during the trial, and you then sign up for premium membership within 7 days, then I will guarantee you the first month membership for only$19.

Are  YOU Serious ?

What will you do PROCRASTINATE or read this REVIEW

Thanks for visiting and good luck with being your own boss


15 thoughts on “Be Your Own Boss – At Home Online”

  1. Working from home sounded like a dream 30 years ago. Being my own boss could only be possible if I opened my own business, 30 years ago (which I couldn’t because I didn’t’ have the capital nor the skills to raise it).

    So, being my own boss now is a huge opportunity I never imagined I would have and I honestly don’t want to miss! Thanks for opening my eyes through this post!

    • Hey if it has given you any inspiration to regain momentum towards that goal then I will be glad if it has only helped one person, good luck I am sure that you don’t need it.

      Thanks for dropping by


  2. Hi, 

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post, this is exactly what I am doing I joined Wealthy Affiliate to become my own boss and reading everything you wrote in your post gave me confidence. I have no doubt that I am capable of becoming one  with my online business.With our guidance I will write the purpose down , purpose being the Why , the What and the How and work on my goals.

    Thank you for sharing ,stay blessed and wishing you all the best. 

    • Always glad when my musings are helpful to people Fiona good luck and spread the word about Waratahs great opportunity WA is.

      Thanks for visiting


  3. Many people want to be their own boss because they want to have their own hours, others because they want to be independent but others simply need it. Meaning, they have disabilities or are in personal situations where they cannot drive or buy a car; therefore its th type of job they truly need, 

    • Thanks for the comment Linda I don’t disagree at all.  What I do recommend is that anyone even considering should take a long hard look at what WA has to offer because it is an astoundingly good platform for confidence value, learning and support.


  4. I need to be hired to be my own boss. I have not yet experienced that I can work in pajamas. I thought last year that I could not make money without leaving my house and now when I read the posts I see that it is quite normal According to me, in every business, a man must be worthy to succeed. Today, only the best are the most successful in their business

  5. Hi, Hamish,

    I fell for a similar scam when I was 18. I was barely starting college and I found an ad in the newspaper. I called to get more info, just to be told I should attend a conference. I showed up and they began to talk a lot about the success of their business. Naive as I was, I believed everything. It turned out I had to recruit more people, but the bottom line is I never made any money. The company disappeared and we lost our money. Ever since I’m always more cautious regarding these offers.

    I think we all want to live that flexible lifestyle, the one that allows you to work from home or on the go, the one where you don’t have any bosses, where you don’t have a schedule, etc. It can be attained, but it’s not easy and not for everyone. Many people don’t see the sacrifices and hard work behind it all.

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was really inspiring. I look forward to reading your next post. 

    • You are welcome.  Yes I have met many people who have similar experiences.  The thing about the WA support model is that it positively promotes breadth and diversification of your digital marketing platform and you can see the products by virtue of the companies you choose to work with and of course you don’t hold expensive immobile stock.

      I am glad that you have found something else to be excited about.


  6. Hello Admin, wish I knew your name…..
    I wanted to first say Congratulations on your Service to your country, Well Done!
    Also, thank you for sharing your story and dreams and aspirations on building a business you could run from home. Man after my own heart.
    I have run several of my own Brick and mortar businesses with high overhead and expenses and so this time around I wanted to try this online affiliate stuff and see how it goes.
    It is nice to read your words of encouragement and see that someone else is forging ahead with it!
    I wish you all the best and thanks for the nuggets of wisdom you sprinkled in this article for us to gather!

  7. Many thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful article with us and I joined wealthy affiliate to become my own and through your article I became much more confident .And I can say with certainty that I will be able to make a living for myself in the online world .And I think every business needs to be a lot more confident in itself to be successful, and today I’m successful .I had no capital to work online and now I am my own boss .Lastly, I hope that everyone who reads your article will benefit greatly and be successful in the online world by being their own boss and sharing their experiences with you soon.

  8. I must say that you have done a great job on this as it has really exposed me to a lot of things and now that quitting your job and being your own boss is no easy task as there are a lot of things one needs to consider before taking such a step. Those were steps I didn’t take and I just into it and I tell you it wasn’t easy for me in the first few months after I quit my job… I just have a little advise: Do what is right and always give a second thought to the advice people give to you.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Fuji Ben getting to the point where you can quit your day job is a big step and a significant achievement

      good luck


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