Blogging A Business – How To Go About It

I had never considered until recently that a Blog might be a source of income. Come to think of it I didn’t think too much about Blogs at all, having consigned their usefulness in my mind to a way of tracking your children when they go off on their overseas adventures. But the truth is that Google tells us that 409 million people view 22.2 billion Blogs per day and these Blogs are attracting 48.9 million comments. Anyone who cannot see an opportunity in that may not be looking too far.

In this post I am going to discuss the basics of making a Blog profitable. I will do this through the vehicle of some of my own experience in coming into the sector and establishing a commercial Blog  and I will borrow in small part on the experience of my 21 year old daughter Flora.


What to Blog

A Niche:

It probably won’t surprise anyone if the first thing I would recommend to you, when building a business underpinned by a Blog, is that you need to choose a subject that will keep you personally interested and that you can post on regularly. Otherwise, your ‘life’s blood’ will dry up quickly.

In Internet Marketing terms this would be described as identifying your niche and there are countless niches. if you want to test this just make a list of all the things that you have a personal interest in. In the event that you are having trouble bringing these to the front of your mind, just think about your last 10 Google searches, or recall what you would generally punch into the search box when you are seeking information on something. Many of the results will lead you to inspiration in choosing your niche or niches.

My Niche:

For me it was British TV Drama, Steampunk, Making Money Online, International Rugby, Mental Health, Leadership Development, Travel, Working From Home, History, DIY, Gardening, Toy Soldiers and the Paleo diet. Just click here to see what I did with that last one.

Your Niche:

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is diverse. Yours might look similair it might look entirely different. The point is that all that matters is that you have enough interest to be motivated to write about it on a regular basis.

In fact, you don’t even need to know anything at all about your subject to begin with. In many ways this is an advantage because you can profit from developing you own knowledge and write about that development as you go and it is staying fresh because you are researching and learning as you go. This is exactly what I did, and continue to do with

The Knowledge Gap – An Advantage:

When I started that blog I had rudimentary knowledge about the subject, having dabbled with it on and off for years. When it became the foundation of one of my monetised business ventures I began to research in earnest and I know more than enough to keep up with the visitors, readers and commentators who come to my site. I am more than happy for you to take a tour there and use it as a learning base for your own efforts. It will not surprise me that when you venture out that you do a much better job than I have!

Writing – The Common Fear:

Many people are intimidated about the thought of writing and writing on a regular basis may seem terrifying or impossible to some. But I can confidently tell you that you do not have to be an accomplished writer to produce an effective Blog; all that is required to begin with, is that you have the interest and the passion to write. You can improve and polish your style, composition, even spelling and grammar as you go. None of these are reasons or obstacles to get up and running with an internet business based on a Blog.

How to Get Your Blog Read


If absolutely new to this subject, then I am sure at this moment you are wondering how your writings will lead to a revenue stream. The fact is that there are many revenue streams available to anyone who wants to press them into service via their Blog. We will come to how that is achieved in the next section but first of all I want to talk about how you get people to read your Blog.

Traffic to Your Website:

Getting people to read your Blog is about driving traffic to your Blog or website. In order to achieve this we need to get indexed and ranked in search engines like Google (65% of global search traffic) Bing and Yahoo (approx 30% of global search traffic.


At the top of this post is a title, ‘Blogging a Business – How To Go About It.’  The first 3 highlighted words are what we call a keyword, which I have researched based on analyst ICS provided by a platform called Jaaxy (there are many others such as Google external, Wordstream, Microsoft AdCenter, Wordtracker, Wordle and Soovle to name but a few). Some of these platforms provide data on the frequency with which these terms or keywords are being searched for on the engines. In simple terms the search engine providers (the big 3 are named above) look for these keywords in published content (your Blog) and they then index and rank those articles. This leads to those articles potentially appearing higher on the search results served up by those engines. This is your aim in writing the Blog; to drive traffic to your Blog through the production of keyword rich content.

Now we have traffic, how do we make money?

Monetise Your Blog

Changes in Advertising Practice:

When you have a stream of traffic coming to read your material you have an audience much like a TV or radio programme. Both of these mediums traditionally funded their content by offering advertising space in their broadcasts. The revenue raised paid for the production costs of their content as well as for their infrastructure and staff wages. Although this model remains in place Most of that traditional advertising has morphed, gone digital and has become a revenue earning potential for anyone and everyone.

Flora: and Ad Placements:

My daughter Flora has been producing a Blog (Curl Meets World) for some time (she is a really great writer and poet). Flora does not monetise her blog but others do! If you were to visit her Blog you would not only see some wonderful writing (I would say that I am her Dad!), but you would see ad placements, linked by the website host which carries Flora’s blog.

I have just had a conversation with Flora about how she can still enjoy doing her Blog but could make some money for herself by establishing her own website and linking ads, rather than driving traffic to this platform with her free content that other people benefit from.

Affiliate Marketing:

The other potentially big revenue earner is affiliate marketing. This allows you to partner up with literally of thousands of organisations and link your blog to their products and services from which you can derive revenue from as little as 1% to as much as 1% or 75% of their sales. Some of these will attract ongoing commission for things such as subscription services where recurring renewals brings you a recurring income. You know about some of the possibilities her such as Amazon, EBay and AliExpress but there are many, many more.

Business Blog Hygiene

Before I point you towards an opportunity to get started as a commercial Blogger, and before you are tempted to rush off and make your first million within the month as a Blogger, I just want to stress some come down to earth advice.

Discipline and Application:

You have heard it before but I do want to emphasise here that there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme; if there were we would all be rich. Blogging as a business has to be treated as a business, if indeed you want it to be a business. You need to be posting to your Blog regularly, with interesting, informative content, that people will want to read.


You should only reasonably expect to get a return on what you are prepared to invest. The good news here is that for the most part what you will be investing is your time, there is very little outlay involved (you need regular access to a PC or laptop and some basic software tools like WordPress (1 in 4 websites are built and maintained with this software). There is a way to start for at no cost and test, risk free the possibilities to see if you have the discipline and application to continue


Building this type of business is like watching a modern high rise constructed. It seems to take months to put in place the footings which will provide the foundations of a structure that you want to stand for a long time. When done well, the superstructure seems to get built really quickly. So it is with Blogging a business; establishing a Blog and filling it with keyword rich content in structured way will eventually drive traffic to your Blog and it will start to earn you money, it is unlikely (though not impossible to happen overnight)

Where To Get Started

The good news is that you do not have to do this alone and you do not have to have great knowledge or skills about establishing and maintaining websites, or on how to take advantage of the affiliate marketplace.

A more detailed explanation of how this is possible can be found in my review on Wealthy Affiliate – A Beginners Experience (just click here)

If you think you have enough information already. If you are interested in knowing how you can test your suitability, as a Business Blogger, at no cost and no obligation, while gaining valuable experience, first class training, new skills and knowledge right now, then head over to Wealthy Affiliate (just click here) .

You could have a website up and running, with your first blog published today, for FREE.

I do hope that you have found this post useful, in helping you to better understand how there is money to be had from blogging, and how, with the necessary discipline and applied effort, it might lead to a supplementary, or even, main source of income.

I would really like to hear from you (in the comments below) if you need any questions answered. If you have anything to offer in the way of experience in this area then please do contribute I am always kenn to hear of otherr’ experiences and to keep learning;  I will answer all comments as I am able..


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  1. You are right when you say that if you want to start a blog as an income source, you need to choose a niche in something you are interested in, otherwise you start to hate writing entries on your blog as you will find it boring to do so.

    Even so, you don’t earn money overnight with this chosen path. It takes time, patience and regular work to grow your blog and get traffic to your blog. Learning a bit about keyword research is something every blogger should know about too, as this is the best way to get traffic from the Search Engines for free.

    • Michel excellent advice I agree wholeheartedly with all of your points.  It is a business, not a quick rich scheme and it needs to command the same respect from its owner that for instance a fixed premise retail business would. But there are considerably less overheads in this business and it is infinitely more flexible in terms of personal time management and allocation.

      Thanks for visiting 


  2. Thanks a lot for sharing with as such an useful article. 

    I just created my first website using an affiliate marketing program. Here i want to blogging a business about healthy supplements for gym lovers. You offered me a lot of tips and i really appreciate it. Right now i struggling with finding some keywords to help me to increase my traffic on this website. Because this industry of healthy supplements for workout is really big i did’t knew how to find the best keywords. Reading your words i find this platform Jaaxy and i can say that this is the best. The advantage is that i find there are keywords that are the most popular and suggestions that would help me the most to increase my traffic.

    Thanks again for this. Hope to see more articles like this because i really enjoyed reading it. Good luck! 

    • Hi, I am so please that you found this article useful.  Anyone who knows anything at all about this business will tell you that the secret to driving traffic, which is the secret to earning revenue is to do your research and understand keyword theory and what keyword rich content can do for you with the big 3 Google, Bing and Yahoo.

      Good luck with Jaaxy it is a first class tool.  Come back and tell us how you go with it.

      thanks for visiting


  3. Hi Hamish,

    Blogging a business is without a doubt a sustainable form of earning money online. It is a business in itself due to the fact that a blog need strategies and tactics to reach its goal, which is making money from various monetization forms consistently and with growth.

     My biggest fear as I started out was writing articles, but with the help of Wealthy Affiliate program and community I was able to overcome it and my writing improved over time.



    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us Jordan.

      I agree anyone can write with the guidance that the support system WA offer in their training programme.

      Thanks for visiting


  4. One very important you mentioned here in this post is choosing a niche. The niche will determine where your blogs are and will limit and clearly presents what you will offer to your target people. This is where most bloggers mistake is. A website that doesn’t offer a specific niche can hardly earn money. It is turned into an authority website that contains a wide array of concerns and it takes years to earn money.

    • Yes I agree that a niche is really very important but as I say in this article and elsewhere, anything can be exploited as a niche.

      Have a look at the  other post I have written on this Blog about Steampunk as a Niche which is a case study about testing whether your niche might work for you.

      Thanks for visiting


  5. Hi Hamish

    Thanks for your post, it is very informative and interesting. You provided a lot of information on doing Blogging as a Business. Like you, I did not think too much about Blogs. I read them mostly when I am doing research online, and I found some of them to be very helpful.

    I never thought that one day I would be writing Blogs for others to read. Finding a niche can be a bit challenging, so you are correct in saying that we should chose a subject that we are interested in. That will definitely make it easier to write. Or, we have to be prepared to do research on a topic and write about it.

    I saw that you wrote on the Paleo diet, do you have a Blog for the other niche listed? If you do, you really have a lot to write about. Yes, it is a diverse list. How long have you been blogging? From reading your post, it seems like you have been doing this for some time.

    I learned a lot from reading your post. I learned more about keywords, and others places to research them. At this time, I am only familiar with Jaaxy. I also learned more on how to monetized a blog.

    Thanks again.

    • Good to hear from you Jackie.

      I have been Blogging for less than a month, you can see my other Blog at I used to freelance writing content for others, so I have been writing for a long time. I decided that if I could write that I would build my own income source utilising those skills.

      Thanks for visiting


  6. Great post Hamish.  Wealthy Affiliate is certainly a great platform to learn the art of blogging for a living.  

    Selecting a suitable niche always seems to be the major stumbling block for many people – some get too specific, some too broad and others yet choose something with they cannot sustain because they are not passionate about.  I believe you hit the nail on the head when you say ‘think about your last 10 Google searches’. It is curiosity about the subject matter and wanting to learn more about it that will carry you through, often when enthusiasm to write about the topic wanes at times.

    Do you think people who are new to blogging should start with just one niche at first or if they are feeling confident, go for several?

    • Thanks for visiting Fluffy Duck.  I can speak from my own experience in regard to that really great question.

      I had very little skills or knowledge about building websites, digital marketing or use of SEO and WordPress.  So I thought that I would take it slow.  However the support system that I was working with was so good that I had the confidence within one week of establishing my first niche based website to open up another one.

      I found that this kept me interested and fresh in shuttling between two completely different subjects and if I got writers block on one (rare occurrence) I would just work on the other for a while.

      In the final analysis though it is about what you are comfortable with.

      Hope that helps thanks again for visiting.


  7. Thanks for these insights and vital info on how to properly monetize your blog. I happen to enjoy writing and my niche of assisting baby boomers prior and after retirement is a niche I find satisfaction.

    Getting indexed and ranked does take some time but I have seen consistent progress. Keyword research is well worth taking the time to do properly.

    You have offered some good ideas on monetization. As you mentioned patience is the key to success in creating a profitable blog as well as in any other area of life. Thanks Hamish for this information and Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform to learn online marketing and create a profitable blog. All the Best.

  8. Hamish: I commend you for a great website with valuable information. Your plain-spoken matter-of-fact style is wonderful. Keep up the great posts. I’ll look forward to seeing more of your work online!

  9. Mark I really appreciate the very kind comment and I will do my best to keep the information coming thanks again and I look forward to seeing you back here again sir.



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