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Build A Business Online – 7 Simple Steps

There really are countless ways to build a business online; too many to mention or to explore

So rather than even attempt to do that in this post, instead I am going to cut straight to the chase and discuss with only one highly effective method, which involves 7 simple steps, utilising a business support model which I believe fervently is second to none!

Here you go Step 1………..

1. Read This Post

Read this whole post before navigating away from the page and make sure that you have in your head what is possible before making a choice in the last paragraph of this post.

Above all, absorb and digest the fact that, you can be on your way, without spending a single dollar, or providing any payment details.

In fact if you were to go beyond the FREE trial (see step 2), and you were to commit to a paid subscription, then you would be spending less than $1 a day for your WA membership.

2. Sign Up For A FREE Trial

But before we discuss a paid subscription, even it is only $1 a day, let’s first of all examine what is on offer for absolutely FREE.

If you follow either of the links at the bottom of this post you will eventually end up on a registration page where you can open absolutely for FREE an account with Wealthy Affiliate (WA), an outstanding business training and support platform.

You need enter no credit card or payment details until you decide that you want to go to the next stage which is a paid subscription to what is known as premium membership and which has 3 options for payment, monthly, twice yearly (6 monthly) and annually (12 months). The longer subscription you take the better the discount with the 12-month subscription working out at less than a $1 a day.

The FREE trial will give you access to the training resources to get up and running with up to two FREE hosted websites, before you get to thinking about a subscription. I am confident that you will be amazed at how quickly you can have a web presence live!

What I can guarantee for you is that if you were to take a paid subscription within 7 days of registering then you would receive your first months membership for ONLY $19.

Once you are signed up to an account you can start.

3. Build a Website

A lot of people when they see step 3 become alarmed and get ready to walk away from this opportunity.


The support that you get from WA, has automated just about all the process, all you have to do is follow the simplest of instructions in the training package and you will be blown away about just how easy it is to launch your own website.

I had my first site up and running in under an hour!

Now that you have a website it is time to do something with it….

4. Write Content

This is the second thing that can spook people. I am here to tell you DON’T BE SPOOKED!

You do not have to be a fantastic write to be successful in this market, all you need to be able to do is write the way you talk in a relaxed conversational, person to person style. Your aim is to build a trust, rapport and familiarity with your reading audience not to sell novels

If you can write at steady state about 2-3 articles per week each of 1000-1200 words (the length of this post) then you will have the basic tools needed to create content.

You may ask what you might write about. To help you think about this I have posted an example of what we call a niche, HERE, in order to demonstrate that just about anything, about which you have a reasonable interest, can become your writing or content niche.

Once we have you writing 2-3 articles a week using keywords (find out about this in the FREE trial) then we can monetise your website.

5. Monetise Your Website

This is what we call Affiliate Marketing. In simple terms there are companies like Amazon, EBay, AliExpress and even Wealthy Affiliate who will enter into partnership with you in order that your content will point your readers to their products and services where those readers become customers and you benefit through commissions. The important thing is that your customer pays no more for those goods than they would have done by going direct to the source companies but you still benefit. There is a far more comprehensive explanation of this concept available to you through the FREE trial.

6. Repeat The Cycle

The second to last step is just to keep repeating this cycle from step 2 through 7 and continuously working on your content to make keep it contemporary and relevant and to ensure that you stay up to date with the potential changes to the products and services that you are marketing. In the WA Platform support you will also be guided through how to use social media to you advantage in combination with your website(s).

There is one more step which is very very important…..

7. Persevere And Have Faith

This is without doubt the most important step of all. If you cannot commit to this, then steps 1-6 are immediately null and void and a waste of your time and effort.

No one at WA will ever talk to you about a guaranteed overnight success, because they do not control either your work ethic or your general attitude and therefore they can give you no guarantee.

I am not saying that overnight success is not possible. However, I am saying that it is a rarity; so much so that I would just discount it right away and concentrate on following the steps and staying motivated and true to your own targets and goals which play a very important part in your motivation.

What you absolutely must do in order to be successful with these 7 steps is to make sure that you have made number 7 your number 1 priority, This ensures, of course, that 1-6 are bound to get done as many times as are necessary for you to achieve your goals, targets and dreams.

Need More Information?

If you have read enough in these paragraphs to go straight away to learn more by actually doing some practical activity via the FREE trial then click on those words and sign up (no credit card or payment details needed; just an email address)

If, however you want to read a little more about Wealthy Affiliate (WA) in the context of some personal experience, then click on that, and you will be taken to a Beginners Review of WA.

Good Luck


6 thoughts on “Build A Business Online – 7 Simple Steps”

  1. Great information on how easy it really is to start your own online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. It seems daunting at first to think that you will need to build a website and write content, but it really is a simple process that is perfectly laid out for you through WA’s training course. The hardest part is committing to it and routinely writing content. My advice for somebody wanting to try this is to set a focused goal and a minimum amount of time to be fully invested in this, such as one article a week for 6 months. Like you said, you won’t get rich over night but if you put in the effort you will be rewarded in the end. Thanks for the article and goodluck in the future!

    • Thanks Andrew and I echo your advice in the main to my readers. The only thing that I would add is that different people will go at a different pace depending on their need and time availability but Andrew’s advice on setting goals is key whatever pace you decide to go.

      Hamish 🧐

  2. I agree with you seven steps.You have expressed these fundamentals well. However, you have to pay to play or you will stray and your website will go gray. IMO building a list is one of the most important steps to success. You also need at least one of the paid social media. It could be Facebook ads, Google adwords, utube or whatever media you’re comfortable with.

  3. This is a very comprehensive and intelligent way to explain how you can be successful with following the WA training and it also gives you a clue on how much time this takes, not possible to get rich overnight! I have gone through this process and the only issue I have is writing constant content, because I still struggle with what I shall write and also I do not have enough time during the week as I am still working full time. But reading your post gives a good insight and encourages people to start and stick to it.

    • I find the secret with content Anleika is to spend a lot of time planning. So I will do my keyword research for a couple of hours on a weekend and then plan the 3 or 4 pieces that I am going to write that week including putting the skeleton headings into drafts ready.  I then leave it until I write the first article and it flows easily.  Just a thought, it works for me.

      thanks for the comment.



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