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Home Based Business Opportunity – The Best There Is

If you are looking for one of those get-rich-quick schemes then I really do apologise because you are in quite the wrong place, I have been looking for years and never found one. If you do find one I would be grateful if you would leave the appropriate link in the comments box below. In the meantime………..

If you already think this a scam, then you are 100% correct…. That is if you think this can be achieved without any willingness to work, or to apply yourself, learn and continually improve, with perhaps, and not at all unlikely, some experience of failure along the way.

So if none of that scares you away, but rather intrigues you, piques your interest or has you asking for more, then read on. If not, then please don’t waste your time any further, as you will probably be quite disappointed.

I want to just talk to you about some characteristics of a home based opportunity which I just believe is hands down the best there is.


Why Is It The Best?

Here are the 12 reasons why I think this is the best home based opportunity, that you will see today, and possibly any other day.


  1. It has delivered proven success, over and over again.
  2. It is based on the most minimum of personal financial risk (less than $1 a day).
  3. It provides potential reach to over 2Bn customers with an expansion capability to reach billions more.
  4. Anyone can do this.
  5. It is mobile; you can take it everywhere and anywhere.
  6. It is live 24 hours a day, in all 27 time zones of the world, and you have access to them all.
  7. It provides training, coaching, mentoring and support second to none.
  8. You decide the time of day you will work and for how long you will work.
  9. It is limited only by the power of your imagination.
  10. 2 million ordinary people around the world are doing it today and thousands more are joining daily
  11. You are the boss.
  12. Everyone has the ability and exactly the same chance with this vehicle to unlock their personal potential.

What Do You Need To Get Started

You need very little to get started, in fact you can start for absolutely FREE (no payment details or credit card needed)

You will need regular access to a PC or Laptop and to the internet, you need to know how to read and write and you need some interests which we call niches. You need to like people and it is an advantage if you are sociable and have a rudimentary grasp of social media. Everything else can be taught and developed and will be should you choose to be part of this growing successful opportunity.

How Long Will It Take

This really depends on what you want to get out of it and what you are prepared to put into it hence the tongue-in-cheek, but nevertheless, mildly serious statements in the opening paragraph of this Blog post.

There is considerable work and dedication required to be successful, but I know of nothing that I have seen in 45 years of my day job, or in my many and varied dalliances, with other entrepeunerial startup schemes, that comes even close in the quality of the training, coaching and mentorship that anyone can have access to through this first class business support model.

What Are The Risks

I would have to say that in my view the risk of $1 a day hardly qualifies as a risk. Some may say they do not have $1 a day to spend. I would invite the question if you do not have $1 a day to spend, then what are you doing or what can you do to change that situation. Because if you don’t, then the chances are that you will eventually shuffle of this mortal coil in that same financial trap without ever having broken out.

Two Key Risks

When I first looked at this I identified 2 risks and, do you know what?……….. that $1 a day was not one of them, not even close. Particularly when I had been given the incredible opportunity (which I took) to try it FREE before even committing to the $1 a day.

Let me be just a wee bit perverse here, keep you in a wee bit of suspense, and deal with risk number 2 first, which is this:

TIME; Yes easily the second biggest risk is that you might waste some time that you won’t get back. But my answer to that is quite simply; that you might not get it back, but regardless of what happens here, you would still walk away with new skills, new knowledge and a potential network of people and friends, who will support you whether you stay or go.

The other question I would ask is, before you were introduced to this possibility, what were you doing with that time, that was improving your financial future, your choices and your long term security? if the answer to the latter is nothing, then you have wasted absolutely nothing,  were you to try this and for some reason it did not turn out in the way that you would have hoped.

The other objection I often hear is  “I don’t have any spare time”.  Again I will reply with a similair response, to the one I gave earlier about the $1 a day. If you have no spare time now, then when will you have some spare time? What kind of life are you living where you have no spare time?  Do you watch TV? (unproductive time). Do you spend time at your local pub or bar? (unproductive time). I could go on.

The point being that if we are all honest with ourselves, then we can all find some spare time Given a big enough reason. Of course if our reason is not big enough, then we just make a big excuse in order to justify not acting.

So the question for you today is of course:


The number ONE and THE biggest risk that I believe people are likely to face with this opportunity is that they walk by it!

Yes that’s right; that they don’t bother to do some due diligence, and at least take the FREE test drive before deciding to park it and move on to something else, which might be considered to be a better prospect.  You know what? that’s ok with me.  I absolutely, 100%, respect that.  But I am just left puzzled and dumbfounded when people don’t arm themselves with all the facts to make the right decision to shape their future, particularly when it is being made just so easy.

How Do You Get Onboard

Great Question and I have two answers for you:

1. If you think you have heard enough here and you want to go forward to sign up for an immediate FREE trial, then just CLICK HERE. You will be taken to a registration page and you can test drive this business vehicle (no payment or credit card details are required.

2. If you need more information before looking at the FREE trial CLICK HERE and you will be taken to a personal experience review which will provide you with more information with which to make a decision on what you would like to do next.

Whichever path you tread from here I really do wish you the very best of luck with finding the right home based opportunity for you.

I just hope that you will take my advice and do some due diligence with what is on offer here on the way.


P.S.  I did forget to mention that any questions left in the comments section below will be answered, so feel free to ask questions, or offer any comments at all.

Thanks again.

10 thoughts on “Home Based Business Opportunity – The Best There Is”

  1. Hi there Hamish. Hah! I have been looking for a Get Rich Scheme that works for years too, and couldn’t find one. I’m now convinced that such things are just myth, but on the off chance that someone does drop you a link to on in the comments. Please share it with me LOL.

    On a serious note though I checked out that link you put in the post and I know for a fact that the Home Based Business Opportunity that you are talking about is indeed the best there is. I’ve been involved with it for about 18 months now and I’m amazed frankly. It’s the first time I’ve actually been able to make money online.

    Partially because previously I didn’t really know how to go about it correctly. The training I received here has been tremendously valuable, and has taught me what I needed to do.

    • Donald great to hear from a fellow WA member who is making ‘good yards’

      Seeing is believing thanks for the visit and the comment 🧐

  2. This is a very informative post on home-based business opportunity. I’m an affiliate marketer and can tell that it’s just the best home-based business anyone can give to themselves. People want money fast but they fail to note that it comes with hard work and patience. No wonder many are scammed of their time and money because of this mentality. Your post has really clear things up on the best home-based business.

    • Hey Kell, thanks you have it absolutely.  I have been waiting an awful long time to find that get-rich-quick scheme and I am no more hopeful than I was before but this platform and the support and training that it provides gives me more than hope, it gives me confidence!

      Thanks for dropping by


  3. I think many of us are scared to fall for any scams. There are so many scams out there that we don’t know what to believe and whom to trust. 

    We all want that lifestyle you mention, but not everyone is willing to work hard and spare time. What you said is true. We need to set apart some time. Instead of watching TV or doing something else unproductive, we could work for our future. It’s not easy, but some sacrifices need to be made. 

    We can make money online. It’s just a matter of looking, working hard, and being patient. Thank you for sharing.

    • Its a choice Enrique to accept status quo or work to change it.  I know I will always be happier working to change it, even if I don’t achieve everything that I first set out to achieve.

      Thanks for the comment and for visiting.


  4. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article.the idea of making money online with ease has driven so many people into falling scams. i like your honest review about home based business opportunities. i will give it a try. thank you

    • You are so right on the scams issue Benny and I have fallen for 1 or two and that is why I know what they look like. This 100% no scam!

      Thanks for visiting


  5. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide on Home based business opportunities. I learn lots of new thing from your article and find it very useful for everyone. Now a days I am working on affiliate marketing and find it is the best business anyone can do it from home. I am doing it with the help of wealthy affiliate training. I am very thanks for Kyle and Carson for creating such useful platform for everyone.


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