How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing

How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing

That’s a really great question and you have come to just the right place to ask “how do I start affiliate marketing”.

Although I am pretty new to the industry myself (just over 4 months) I am no stranger to trying to make money from home or in a business that I own myself.

I would like to tell you the story of how I found, and became involved, in Affiliate Marketing, and of my progress and expectations, as well as what you might expect, if you were to pursue a personal career in this exciting and wide open opportunity.

I will also show a specific opportunity (the one I use), which  could have you up and running your own affiliate marketing business, for the price of no more than a daily cup of coffee.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

I can point you to a long exhaustive and very detailed description of what affiliate marketing is here at Wikipedia, which if you have some time,  I recommend that you read, particularly if you want to get really detailed in your technical understanding of this almost, ‘under the covers’, industry.

In basic terms affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing system, where How Do I Start Affiliate Marketingbusinesses reward their partnered affiliates, for customer visits that are directly as a result of the personal efforts of those affiliates.

In effect this is bringing options, for goods and services, into peoples digital lives, and promoting those goods and services, through their computer, laptop or mobile devices.

It gives reach to between 2 and 4 Billion digital customers and over 300 million products and services.

Its value and survivability as a market and as an occupation has been well validated by the recent COVID19 Pandemic. Those involved in digital commerce, of just about any kind have been able to keep working, and keep earning, despite high streets, mall based and bricks and mortar type businesses, either being severely restricted, or having to stop trading all together.

But how to get involved? For me it was a complete accident……………….

My Story

Bad Experience

I have some disappointing history in relation to my involvement with multi level marketing or MLM. This is not because of the products or the parent supplier but because of the so called support system that took advantage of the particular merchant whom I will not name here.My Story

The people running this ‘support system’ were peddling motivational books, high priced seminar tickets and so called motivational tapes. They portrayed a veneer of success built on the products and merchandise of the parent company when all the time they were actually feathering their nests (a select few) with the proceeds of the sales on the support system, it was a classic pyramid or ponsey scheme that threatened the reputation of the merchant.

Cut a long story short, they were eventually rumbled and the whole thing fell around their ears like a pack of cards leaving them exposed to all the good people that they had fleeced over the years.


It was for this reason that I have always been very suspicious and skeptical of
anything that appears to use the same language and marketing techniques. I therefore do some considerable due diligence before I decide to sign up with any opportunity whatever claims I see.

My Recent Experience

I am a man in my very early 60s who has had a relatively successful career, currently in a position of senior strategic leadership.

ExperienceI had decided that I wanted to have more control over my time and have more flexibility around my earning activity to allow me to achieve a better life balance in potentially what is my last decade of working life.

I was also seeking an opportunity that would allow me to establish some passive income, a kind of do it yourself pension fund I suppose.

So I was trawling the internet looking for the opportunities that might fit that criteria and finding precious few that didn’t raise my b@llsh!t antennae!

I found plenty of the Island Lifestyle, have laptop will travel, bitcoin will secure your financial future, make a million in a year type sells, all of which just depressed me. (I have known for a very long time that there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme)

Opportunities that are real and last, are few and far between, and they all usually have at least one or two things in common; that is either, the need for large upfront investment, or hard work, or frequently both!

A Possibility

While I was trawling I came across a glowing review for a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. The review was indeed glowing and gave the opportunity a 9.6 out of 10.0 rating.

Three things raised my hackles; the review was glowing, the mark was awfully high and the name of the platform sounded, well unbelievable.

So I spent the next 5 hours trying to find out what the catch was. I did this by entering search queries like:Possibilities

  • Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?
  • Is Wealthy Affiliate legit
  • The truth about Wealthy Affiliate
  • Why should I avoid Wealthy Affiliate

This eventually led me to an article that looked as if it was presenting Wealthy Affiliate as a scam. however, when I got down to read it in detail I found that it was anything but. It was in fact a glowing report on the opportunity and possibilities offered on the Wealthy Affiliates platform.

This was despite having spent hours trying to find someone to say something really bad about Wealthy Affiliates. The one enduring criticism, if it even qualifies as one, was the potential stated dangers in relation to the social media side of the platform, which it suggested, with poor personal discipline could lead to distraction from building one’s business, in favour of spending time socialising.

The Freebie

Anyway, that actually turned out to be one of the very many good things that I found when I did sign up…..and sign up I did.

FREEI was persuaded because there was a genuine free trial offered that allowed me absolutely free of charge, a complete, high speed, supported, secure website. YES free no give, us your credit card details and you can opt out. No this was, and is, a true opt in opportunity.

Within an hour of joining I had a website up and running…yes an hour, one more hour later I was posting to it, and I had not yet paid a penny. But I upgraded to a premium membership very shortly thereafter because I was so impressed with what I found and I wanted access to everything that the platform had to offer for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee.

Four months later I have 3 websites, I am in profit (not yet a millionaire or anywhere near it) but I know that it works and that it gets better every day.

Some Options

Of course Wealthy affiliate is not the only option out there.

One of my affiliate marketing colleagues, Nathaniel, has published a real interesting post in which he lists his view and assessment of the Top 10 Education Affiliate Opportunities in the Market today. He tells us that these are the ones
worth looking at. I won’t go into the details that would be stealing his thunder and you can find them yourself by searching on Google.

  • TreehouseOptions
  • Coursera
  • Rocket Languages
  • Udemy
  • QuickStart
  • Legacy Learning Systems
  • 360training
  • Alpha Omega Publications

What Nathaniel also says though is that while all of these education opportunities will quite effectively teach you how to build a good website but where they fall short  is with what to do next, how to write effective traffic generating content, effectively monetise that content, and then build to a point where you can earn $100,000 a year, which he has done a number of times and he is but in his twenties.

Recommended Opportunity

RecommendedSo if you are still reading at this point I have some potentially really good news for you

You don’t have to build a business by yourself and you need no great knowledge, expertise or particular skills to get rolling; everything can be taught in a relatively short time, although to become really proficient will as indicated above take time (no such thing as get-rich-quick!

A detailed, but very simple, explanation of how this is possible is available at this link Wealthy Affiliate – A Beginners Experience

If you are confident that you have sufficient information with what you have read, and you are interested in getting on and building valuable experience, first class training, new skills and knowledge right now, then head over to Wealthy Affiliate, you could get started today for FREE (no payment or credit card details required, this is a genuine FREE trial).

I really do hope that you have found this post useful, in sparking you interest on what might be possible to change the current course of your financial and creative future.

Comments and Discussion

CommentsI would really like to hear from you (in the comments below) if you need any questions answered. If you have anything to offer in the way of experience in this area then please do contribute freely. I am always keen to hear of other’s experiences and to keep learning; I will answer all comments within 24 hours of them being left.

Be healthy and stay safe and stay home.


P.S. If this post has inspired you to become a Blogger yourself, you can find out, how to do just that, by taking a look at Blogging A Business which I encourage you to read.

This includes an easy FREE method to get started and FREE hosting of a website upon which to base your Blog.


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