How To Blog And Make Money

My 21 year old daughter is a wonderful Blogger and has had a Blog going for a few years now. But she Blogs as a release, she has used it as a coping mechanism following the grief she suffered following the tragic and untimely passing of her mother. She writes uplifting and thoughtful prose and she writes poetry in her Blog.

Not everyone wants to know how to Blog and make money, but if you do then this post may be the beginning of a worthwhile and exciting journey for you.

I hope you find the following information useful and that you follow through to the link at the end, set up your own commercial Blog (I have 3 running currently) and in doing so unlock your own creative and earning potential.


I Can’t Write – I Have Never Written!

Th number one reason why people miss, possibly, one of the easiest options to start an online business is, because either they think that they cannot write, or they have actually never written, other than when they had to for school, or work or whatever transactional based purpose.

The truth is if you can write a simple essay, like those that you did at school, then you have the basic skill to develop yourself as a Blogger.

Blogging is essentially just about writing stories, not with the finesse of Ernest Hemingway, but just as if you were having a conversation with a good friend.

It really is no more complicated than that, it is what you do with that Blog and how you connect it to an audience that makes the difference, and it is about the audience that we will think about next

What To Write About – Your Niche

Niche, What is That?

Hang on a minute, I can hear you say, I thought we were going to talk about the audience? Bear with me, we will get there but first lets examine what a niche is, a word well-known to the serious Blogger.

Your niche is the subject area that you choose to write about and there are some rules to apply in selecting that niche. Many people spend a long time selecting a niche, waiting to decide on what is just right. My strongest advice is don’t waste your time and energy doing that. If you are here to learn how to blog and make money then you need to get started as soon as you can, because you have a lot of writing to do.

Some Rules

  • Choose a subject that interests you.
  • Choose something that you can write about from many different angles.
  • Write for an audience first and yourself second, if your true purpose is to make money.


As I have already said earlier in this post, some people allow this process to become somewhat tortuous so I have a suggested method that will make this a lot easier:

  1. Take a piece of blank paper and write down the 10 subjects, that come quickest to you, that you believe that you are interested in.
  2. Turn it over and don’t look at it again for an hour but think about the subjects over that time.
  3. Grab a highlighter, turn over the paper and mark up the 3 that you are most interested in.
  4. Now put those subjects each on a separate piece of paper and write down on each of them the title of 10 Blog posts that you could write about under the subject or niche titles.
  5. Whichever one you can find 10 titles for, in the quickest time, is probably the niche you want to concentrate on to get started. You can have the other niche subjects, and associated Blog titles, available as ‘hot standby’ options for additional Blog rolls or to replace the one you start with if it does not gel.
  6. Once you have decided which are the 10 titles you will use to start your Blog go and have a look at Google and put the titles in and search and see what you come up with. Is this stuff that people are searching for? If not, then you probably hit a dud. Yes this is where you test to see if you are writing for an audience, you don’t have to guess.
  7. You then take your Blog titles and you Search Engine Optimise (SEO) them using keywords that people are searching for in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you decide you want to pursue Blogging for money, then I can point you to where this latter technique can be very effectively taught to you, with access to online tools that will help you get going.

You can adapt the niche selection method to suit your self, it is just a basic idea to get you thinking about what you could write about, there are many other methods that I am sure you could think about to select a subject that will hold your interest. The key to making that subject come alive for an audience is SEO And keyword research.

Having got a niche selected and got some titles to write about we now need to publish and drive traffic to your Blog.  I have provided some other advice on niche selection and monetisation at Steam Punk Business – A Niche?

Setting Up A Website And Affiliates

Your Blog will be published on a website, preferably one which you own.

My daughter’s Blog is hosted on a site which also hosts countless other people’s Blogs. In essence these Bloggers are providing free content to a commercial platform that takes advantage of this by running advertisements and providing click through opportunities for readers to purchase on line products and services. The owners make money by owning a hosting platform, where they attract a massive stable of free writers, who drive traffic to their platform, and where the platform owners lure the readers to sales via clicking on advertisements and enticements.

If you own the website with SEO keyword rich content, then you attract the traffic to your site. You can be taught to set up partnerships with affiliates who will pay you commissions for the products and services that are bought by the people who access those affiliates’ online retail stores, through you Blog content.

This is exactly what I am doing in this post now, and so can you, with the help of a little training and support, which is can point you towards today.!

Rinse and Repeat – A Healthy Blog

For a Blog to be successful commercially, it needs to be ‘fed’ regularly. Although an article written once can be effective in making money for years afterwards, one article has a somewhat limited and finite audience. Ideally in order to keep a Blog healthy and making money it needs to be posted to, with new articles of around 1500-2000 words, 2-3 time a week. If it is neglected it will ‘fall out of favour’ and drop off the rankings with the 3 top search engines listed previously, Traffic will slow and your Blog will make little, if any, money when that happens.

It may also be necessary from time to go back and maintain or update your older content to maintain its currency and relevance.

Note Of Caution

I fully believe in being transparent and upfront.

In that spirit I really want you to understand that making money will not happen or occur overnight. You need to think of the analogy of building a modern high rise building. There is a lot of superstructure above ground in a high rise. It needs the most solid of foundations to hold it straight, safe and steady. Those foundations take considerably longer to build than the superstructure that sits on them. Once the foundations are established the superstructure seems to go up really quickly. The same applies to Blogging.

Time taken at the beginning to establish keyword rich content, in quantity, and establish an authoritative voice and presence in your chosen niche, will be rewarded in time with a solid and passive income stream.

But you must be prepared for the ‘long game’. There is no get-rich-quick or short cutting in Blogging for money. S if that sounds unattractive read no further.

If on the other hand you are excited at the prospect of having a business that you own on your own but that you do not need to build on your own then read the last part of this post because I can offer you a really exciting, worthwhile and virtually risk free opportunity with the Platform that I use know as Wealthy Affiliate.

Opportunity Available Right Now

Wealthy Affiliate will:

  • Provide you access to an absolutely FREE trial of their platform, that will give you the opportunity of 10 basic lessons in building a website and starting a Blog. (No payment details required at all)
  • Free hosting of 2 Websites
  • Access to the Wealthy Affiliate Support Community
  • My personal help and assistance as you need it

Should you decide that you are interested in pursuing a serious business, based on commercial Blogging, then conversion to Premium membership will give you access to:

  • 3 levels of payment to suit your circumstances (monthly, half-yearly or annually) with annual membership working out at less than $1 a day
  • If you upgrade to premium membership within 7 days of joining your first monthly membership is discounted to only $19.
  • Full 50 entrepreneur certificate training course online
  • Weekly live training webinar series (also available in the serve yourself library)
  • A library of other evergreen training video and tutorial based that covers all aspects of Affiliate Marketing
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  • My personal help and assistance, coaching and mentoring as you need it.

Wealthy AffiliateThis is a truly great opportunity that has to be tested to be

believed. So if you want to start a FREE trial today, without having to provide any payment details whatsoever (we are confident that you will want to become a premium member when you see what you have access to) then go here to Wealthy Affiliate and start a journey towards unlocking your creative and earning potential, I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Hamish Scott

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  1. Wow, awesome information here. My wife has recently stated she wanted to find ways to express herself and create a brand, I bet she would love to see all the available options that there are to help her make an income while doing it! I looked into Wealthy Affiliate and it looks like they have a great list of resources, definitely a great idea! Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks Gabriel I cannot recommend WA highly enough as a really good platform to both learn about but also host a serious commercial Blog.

      Thanks for dropping by and making a contribution to the discussion appreciated.


  2. This is a really great post which has done a a great job of explaining the ins and outs of blogging and I’m quite delighted that you have taken the time to share it with us here.  

    I would really love to give blogging a trial now that you have explained it in such simple terms. Thanks so much for this.  Well! I do believe, as you have made clear in your post,  that niche selection can either significantly  make or otherwise mar the success of any blogger. Thanks for the advice on Blogging

  3. I am quite impressed with your daughter being able to manage a blog and at any point, she can easily monetize it. Blogging is a very nice means of making money online and i feel it requires some touch of expertise to do that. Wealthy affiliate is known to be among the trusted few who can really help anyone make good use of their blog to make money. The issue of choosing a niche can be confusing when it comes to picking that which you are interested in and that which is fast selling, but with clear understanding of how the market is, such decision can be made easily. Cheers.

    • Thanks excellent points Benson and as to niche selection one of the things I have failed to mention in this post is how powerful it is to choose a niche about which you have little knowledge and the learn as you write; a great self incentive 🧐

  4. Every word written here is so true. Thank you for all your help Hamish. I’m truly grateful. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best decision I’ve made all year…aside turning down a deal to travel to China in the first week of January:)

    • Hi Emmanuel, so glad to hear you have found success at WA although if I am honest it comes as no surprise at all to me. God luck with your journey and thanks for stopping by here.



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