How To Create An Online Blog

Was there ever a better time to be thinking about what we can do with our time that will be productive and provide a benefit to us in some way.  Perhaps the opportunity to have some fun along the way, as well as learning and developing some new skills.

I had started Blogging before COVID became a ‘thing’ but I have to say that I have seriously stepped up my activity since going in to lock down.

Chained HouseFULL DISCLOSURE: I write 3 commercial Blogs, and this is one of them. I will unashamedly point you, in the final section this post, to information that will take you a considerable leap beyond what I am able to do here. It will actually provide you an opportunity, not only to learn how to create an online Blog, but it will also show you how you could have that Blog on the internet within an hour of you deciding to have a FREE go!.

What to Blog


I have written a tutorial on another of my sites where I address a slightly Tutorialdifference audience to the one which I talk to here. But the information is applicable to both constituencies and I would recommend that if you are looking seriously at the prospect of Blogging then that you take a look at my Blog Tutorial on that site.

The Steps To Find A Subject

In simple terms there are really 6 steps that will help you to make an effective start in Blogging. A lot of people worry about their writing ability, trust me, the more you write the better you get so I would counsel not to worry too much at the beginning. I see lots of Blogs on the internet that would set the English Teacher’s hair on fire but which are having good commercial success. Though I absolutely understand that if you are like me you will want to write well. To start you need a writing subject or as we call it a niche…….

1. 10 subjects – A great way to select a niche is to quickly scribble down 5-10 subjects that you know about Are interested in. Spontaneous and quick is the key Choose a nichedon’t over think it. If you have to think too hard the whatever you come up with is probably going top cause you grief. The kind of subjects that you are looking four
are ones that might inspire you or that you have a desire or passion to learn about. It is perfectly possible to learn and become authoritative at the same time and many Bloggers do just that.

2. Select 3 – Turn your list face down and leave it for half an hour or even longer. When you come back to it take a highlighter pen and select and highlight the 3 subject which grab your attention first.

3. 10 Blog Post Titles – Having down selected to 3 topic or niches, for each of those 3, now write down 10 Blog titles that you think you could write 1000- 1500 words for. If you find this easier for one niche or topic, than for the other two then the chances are you have found your first niche. If you find the exercise equally easy for all 3 then you have potential already for other website niches when you are ready to tackle more. You could of course launch all 3 websites at the same time (this is not for the fainthearted but I have LoL)

4. Market Research – Now a little research is worthwhile just to check that readers are interested in what you would like to write about. I recommend that you go to Google Trends and see what kind of activity there is around your nicheBlog Research subject. Are
they popular and are they are trending upwards or downwards. I Was advised when I started Blogging to look for a niche subject which attracts traffic but which not so over competitive that you struggle to compete at all. An example I saw described most recently was Rock climbing; this is considered too big and highly competitive. So the Blogger narrowed it looking at alternatives such as free climbing or climbing in a particular geographical area or technical climbing techniques and practices When doing this it is important to make sure that both Google Trends and your keyword targets are in good supply and attracting good analytic statistics.

5. Keyword Research – Once the niche subject is selected then the next level of Keywordsresearch revolves around doing good keyword research for the Blog posts titles that were discussed at number 3 above. This can be undertaken with a tool such as Wealthy Affiliate’s Jaaxy or whichever your preferences is, Then just keep testing the potential keyword choices by placing them in searches in Google to see If they are current.

6. Revenue Stream – Having got this far its really important that you check to see what kind of revenue items may be available to you. A good start is to check if there are any businesses or companies who are advertising or searching in relation to your niche topic or keywords. If there are, then you can probably monetise your Blog.

Want to Blog?

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Free Trial

No Time Like Now

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I hope that this has been of interest and that you will consider Blogging.


4 thoughts on “How To Create An Online Blog”

  1. Thanks for a really great post and I’m sure anybody who wants to be involved in affiliate marketing or blogging would find it really worth a read.  In all honesty, it seems to encompasses everything that has to do with owning a website and running it. I have learnt quite well from here especially in relation to checking for the latest Google  trends first before writing. 

    • Thanks Angela, you are welcome, I have tried to give the best advice I know to help new Bloggers, but I acknowledge I still have much to learn myself. Glad it was of some use


  2. Hello Hamish, times like this often conjure ideas about how to make the most of the moment and with the current situation, an online business seems like an idea that could work. Starting a blog and holding online tutorials Might be a really great way to take advantage of an application in support of the affiliate marketing industry. I guess at the moment, these type of tutorials could be really productive? 

    • Its a good point and a novel approach Benson, I hope that you give it a go and come back and let us know just how effective an idea it really is.




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