How to Make Money Online At Home

Have you come here because you want to make a change?

Do you feel as if you have no control over your future financial freedom or control?

Have you just had enough of commuting?

Maybe you have had enough of working for a boss who doesn’t understand you.?

Just want to learn some new skills and jump on board the incredible possibilities of online business?

Or maybe like me you are driven by wanting to regain, or improve, your work life balance and take control of your time?

Have you perhaps started a family and you need work flexibility so you care for the wee ones?

If you are here for any or all of these reasons then you surely are in the right place………….

The Possibilities of Online Business

The possibilities of building an online business have never been better and they continue to grow. Perhaps the biggest signal to this fact is that you would probably find it difficult these days to find any commercial concern, ranging from the single owner operator, to the largest corporation, for whom you would be unable to find some kind of digital footprint.

The fact is that it is imperative that small and medium-sized businesses do their best to get involved and develop that digital footprint, because this is essentially how they create a level playing field with large businesses and big corporations.

But it is in fact possible to leverage what those big players are doing and build an online business by partnering with them to share in their markets and profits. We will come to that as we go later in this post.

What those big players are attempting to do is to drive traffic to their websites via links in general advertising, through social media and by connecting digitally with their customers through a range of other methods. They are driving traffic from which they hope to get what the business calls conversions.

These conversions become leads or subscribers and many can and do lead to sales. Google tell us that according to their analytic data that those businesses which have a digital presence are likely to have 2.8 times improved chance of revenue growth. This can be critical in a world of commerce where market share is everything.

You can do this either for yourself or in partnership with established businesses; this is known as Affiliate Marketing and literally anyone can do it and even start to test it without spending $1. I will share how with you in this post.

Working Frome Home On Line – The Advantages

If you are reading this you are probably ahead of me on the advantages to be gained from working from home, but let me just attempt to remind you of some key ones so that you can start to understand how learning about how to make money from home online could be valuable to you and lead to a direction that you want to take, even if it is only to explore it a little further.

More time spent with family – this is important if you are a new parent and you want to be able to spend time with your new arrival(s) but still bring coin into the family coffers. It might be that one parent has taken a career break and actually wants to get back to the office and the water cooler chatter and a partner chooses to become a stay at home parent but still work. There are any number of reasons or scenarios that might lead to one or other partner wishing to take advantage of the work from home opportunities.

Travel and Subsistence Costs – If like me you have found yourself doing a two hour commute; those travel costs soon mount up and the temptation to buy lunch rather than prepare it the night before or in the morning is ever present…and costly.

No office distractions – Despite current research pointing strongly to the ineffectiveness and even detrimental effect of open-plan working, most big companies are doing it (mainly to save costs). It takes a unique culture to reap the rewards from open-plan working and unfortunately very few companies have the Google touch. Productivity can be increased. I have proven this myself with flexible working in my current role where a work from home day always increases my useful output for the organisation. You could apply this advantage to your own business

Flexibility and Work Life Balance – It is actually possible to integrate running the household with running a business when you control your time. I found this when I was on a year long sabbatical studying a Master’s degree. I worked just as hard (12 papers in 12 months) as I would have done if I were at work probably harder actually. But I enjoyed the flexibility and I fitted in a lot of family and household activity along with my study at home. I also had two beneficial side effects of a healthier diet and I started my day with an hour of regular exercise which was fitted in to where I would have been commuting.

Who cares what you wear! – I don’t need to go into any detail at all on this one! Comfort is the name of the game and if you want to go to work in your pyjamas who cares or has an interest in stopping you.

Your office your way – Your rank position or status will not dictate the size, location and decor of your Dilbertesque cubicle or office space. You can have the layout exactly as you want.

Anytime anywhere, globally follow the sun – You can dictate your own hours and follow global opportunities around the world as the sun rises and sets on the 27 time zones that we live across. This is giving you access to 2.5bn plus people. 2.5 Bn is the number it is estimated are connected to the internet by PC or laptop before we take into account the millions of other ever-increasing mobile devices.

Nothing is Easy – Everything is Possible

There are of course potential down points to working from home on line, but if you are aware of them you can take the necessary steps to minimize the risks which are predominantly about your own behaviours.

I have made a short list of some considerations that you might like to think about before launching on a potentially exciting adventure of self discovery in being self-employed and having an online business that you operate from home. The key one to remember is that somewhere in all of this it is necessary to actually do the work.

There is no such thing as a get paid for doing nothing opportunity. It will take effort, it will take time and it will take patience but it is absolutely possible. As a business owner particularly in the online environment your only real limitation is your imagination and even that can be supported and developed if you find a system that provides step by step guidance for what it is you want to do.

  • It is probably unwise to launch into this kind of business if you are expecting a quick win it will take time.
  • It would be wise to build this kind of business opportunity alongside your main income until it can take over from it.
  • Do your research but do be prepared to take calculated risks.
  • Find a support framework with an available and discoverable knowledge base that you can take advantage of.
  • Make sure you do something that interests you otherwise you will be swapping one set of job frustrations for another.

What if I Said You Can – Here Is The Solution

You have a choice available to you right now. You can go off now, or carry on, as you have been doing your research on all the possibilities out there. You might, perhaps, stumble about a bit make some mistakes and feel you way very slowly in the online job market, or you can speed that up and remove some risk and time-wasting by taking a look at the work that others have already done to make it easier to establish yourself in this environment. I can point you to a world-class opportunity with a phenomenal brand presence in the online marketing world.

You can even have a no obligation test of the system available and you don’t need to provide any upfront payment details to take advantage of that test opportunity.

I was so impressed when I had a look that I made the decision to start business the same day and this was with no pressure from anyone, in fact I found this quite by chance while doing my own research.

You don’t have to do that but I highly recommend you have a look. If you walk away that’s absolutely fine.

I hope that this has been helpful in helping you to consider some aspects of how to make money from home online that you may not have considered. If I have reinforced some of your own findings or views then so much the better. GOOD LUCK with whatever you decide to do.

Are You Ready To Try

If you have enough information to go to the next stage and receive a fuller explanation of what is involved (via a FREE trial) and how to go about it. You will find all the details that you are after at Wealthy Affiliate which I recommend highly to you as one of the premiere if not the top businesses of this kind out there today.

If you would like a little more information before going to the FREE trial you can go and read this Beginners Review first.

Are you ready to try?





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  1. Hello Hamish,

    The possibilities that working online can create is awe inspiring. Just 3 years ago, I had absolutely no idea how to create a website not to mention setting it up for monetization and actually watching it grow exponentially. For me, the discovery has certainly been a turning point. It has been anything but easy, regardless, I’d do it all over again. Glad you shared

  2. Hey, I found your guide to make money online is very useful for everyone like me. I recently started my business online from home. I know Nothing is Easy but Everything is Possible. Your step by step guide is very helpful for beginners to understand the concept of making money online. I am working with wealthy affiliate and getting an awesome results. I hope wealthy affiliate is best for everyone if anyone want to live a laptop lifestyle.

    • Thanks Hamish great to hear that you found it useful  and I hope that your own endeavours are bearing fruit for you.



  3. Amazing read! Personally I am going into online business myself. It is a scary journey, but i am seeing it cam be profitable with harrd work and effort. The thought of having more time with my family is what is keeping me striving! 

    i am currently using wealthy affiliate myself and it has made my journey amazing. Truly a community who helps each other. Im still new 3 days in myself and i have learned and progressed soo much from them.

    • Denton thanks for the endorsement great to hear that someone else is excited buy the prospect of this opportunity.

      Thanks for dropping by good to hear from you

  4. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on make money online.  Their are lots of benefit for working from home. Your guide is very helpful to start an online business with wealthy affiliate. I am also doing my training with wealthy affiliate and running my online business as well. I  all recommended people about wealthy affiliate. I am very thankful for Kyle and Carson for creating such useful platform.

    • Parveen, thanks so much for those kind comments and it is always good to hear from someone in the WA family.  I do hope that your projects are going as well as you would expect.

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