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This post is aimed primarily at those who are already in Affiliate Marketing businesses, based on Commercial Blogging. But it has significant value, for those that may have come to WFHOL.com looking for a new and  worthwhile opportunity.

If you are one of the former read on, I think there is useful information here for you.

If you are one of the latter, then I recommend that you read through this post, to get the context. But the information that is likely to be of most value to you, is the piece at the very end, where you can be directed to a FREE opportunity to ignite your business now.

New Normal

I am writing this piece, in New Zealand, as I prepare, at midnight tonight, to enter a minimum 4-week lockdown period with my wife, 4 of our children, all girls, and a fox terrier named Tippy (also a girl).

We have been practicing working from home for 2 days now, and I have been running a virtual crisis management centre, from my office library on the upper level of my family home.

It has really only hit home today, I think, that we are now, other than for daily exercise, or the collection of important household supplies, confined to our homes, with those that we have chosen to bunker down with, for a minimum of 28-30 days and possibly even longer. It is an unprecedented and unusual time in our history.

New Normal

Working from home as a single worker, following your own agenda and just taking an opportunity to have some concentrated thinking time to write, or plan, is wholly different from trying to mange a, dispersed, home based workforce, who are expected, where possible, to continue to work towards corporate outputs.

It is challenging, but already after two days we are making progress, and I have much confidence that we will be able to continue to be productive, though in a very different way from what we have been used to for most, if not all, of our working lives.

I think that we will come out of this realising that we can ‘slaughter some sacred cows’ in relation to the patterns of work we have followed in the past. I expect, that the way that we will conduct business in the future, will be forever changed, for the better, by this experience.

Opportunity in Adversity

I had thought that the enforced work from home regime was going to offer opportunity, to be able to Increase my output in Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content, for the 3 commercial Blogs that I have been developing since 13th January this year (of which this is one, with another quite different example to be found at planpaleo.com)

The fact is that there is actually as much to do, in my virtual workplace, as there was when I was hopping between my home and two office locations, in different parts of our capital city, Wellington.


But…….. I am saving two hours a day commuting to and from Wellington, and probably another hour in transit and travel between the two office locations. The virtual meetings I attend are far more focused and are mercifully devoid of padded out agendas. The net effect is that, all in all, I have noticeably more discretionary time, than when working at the traditional office environment.

So I have been able to seize some of that new-found time, to increase my output, with the result that my content production, for my 3 Blogs, is close to double that, which it was before I started running my virtual crisis centre.

Opportunity has presented itself and I have taken advantage in no slow manner!

Established Commercial Bloggers

Many people reading this are going to find themselves in a similair position to that which I find myself. Some of you will be established Bloggers and you will recognise the value of being able to increase your content productivity and you will exploit the opportunity.

Some who are established Bloggers may ask “what is the point”, when many Bloggerpeoples jobs are at risk, and purchasing habits are likely to be depressed. This may be the case currently, but those markets will recover in time, some quicker than others.

Ask yourself the question “when that happens, do I want to be an observer
while others take advantage, or do I want to be ready to ride the wave of a recovering and improving post crisis economy?”

This is a business, unlike many others, where production now will not be at all wasted, even though there may be fewer customers right now.

Increased productivity of well written, well researched, content for a Blogger, is an investment that will, potentially, see a return for years to come.

Aspiring Commercial Bloggers

There is possibly no better time to be considering a commercial blog as an avenue of business. It can serve simultaneously to unlock both the creative and earning potential of anyone who follows through on their instinct or inclination to ‘have a go’.


Most of the reasons are obvious but let’s just have a look at what they are:

Many of us may well find we have time on our hands.

Most people can write basic English.

There is an opportunity to explore this opportunity to some degree of detail for absolutely FREE (no payment details necessary, nothing more than an email address).

By the time we come out of the other side of this crisis those who get involved now could have some good strong foundations in place to exploit a recovering and improving market.

People want, and will increasingly require in the future, information and learning opportunities On-line  Others will be looking for opportunities through the crisis and coming out of the crisis; they are potential customers.

The month long (or however long in your country) closure of traditional retail premises will drive purchasers online if not to purchase at this point then at least to look at what is possible.

I could go on and on there are a myriads of reasons that mark this time as one of the best ever to get involved in affiliate marketing as a commercial blogger.

Only you can decide if it is for you and the best way to do that is to check out the FRE trial which you can access below.

For Those Who Wish To Start

The good news is that you do not have to do this alone and you do not have to have great knowledge or skills about establishing and maintaining websites or how to take advantage of the affiliate marketplace.

A more detailed explanation of how this is possible can be found in my review on
Wealthy Affiliate – A Beginners Experience (just click here)

Wealthy Affiliate

If you think you have enough information already and you are interested in knowing how you can test your suitability, as a Business Blogger, at no cost and no obligation, while gaining valuable experience, first class training, new skills and knowledge right now, then head over to Wealthy Affiliate (just click here) You could have a website up and running, with your first blog published today for FREE.

I really do hope that you have found this post useful, in helping you to better understand how, there is money to be had from blogging, and how it might lead to a main source of income, with the necessary discipline and applied effort.

I would really like to hear from you (in the comments below) if you need any questions answered. If you have anything to offer in the way of experience in this area then please do contribute I am always keen to hear of other’ experiences and to keep learning; I will answer all comments as I am able.

I hope, that you have found this post of some use and that I have hit the mark that I was aiming for when I set out to write it; you my readers, I think, are easily the best judges of that!

Be healthy and stay safe and stay home.


P.S. If this post has inspired you to become a Blogger yourself, you can find out, how to do just that, by taking a look at this Blog Post which I encourage you to visit.

This includes an easy FREE method to get started and FREE hosting of a website upon which to base your Blog.


6 thoughts on “Ignite Your Business Now”

  1. Hamish,  I think you are correct.  This is a good time to ignite a commercial blogging business.  In light of the Covid19 pandemic currently affecting 196 countries on our beautiful earth, and causing millions to have to stay at home.

    Persons can use that time that they are confined to their homes to start their own blog.  It will give them something to do as they wait out the storm.  It will keep them active and possibly keep their minds away from the situation, to some extent.

  2. Starting a business online is so much fun and can be a bit overwhelming for the individual, but at the same, you need to be careful and take the necessary steps to help develop the business. Putting up good content and having to build your own network isn’t easy to go about with and that is why I am really glad you suggested wealthy affiliate as a means to helping you grow. It is one of the few platforms that I can trust to help beginners. Thanks for sharing. 

  3. Since the world is on a global lockdown due to the covid19 virus, there is a need to truly remind ourselves of the reasons that we need to get ourselves up and start a good strong business. Since we are staying indoors and having nothing to do, this would be a perfect opportunity to just launch our websites and get things established and running. Thank you for sharing this here

    • Thanks Rodarrick I couldn’t agree more, I think that taking control of what we can also helps to make us feel much less helpless in this situation.  Thanks for the comment appreciated.



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