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Online Success From Home – A Guided Startup

What does online success from home mean, or look like to you. Is the prospect of even trying to achieve it, just a wee bit scary?

What if I was to suggest that within an hour of registering with a proven training and support system, second to none, we could have you publishing your own website live on the internet with no previous technical skills required?

What if I then said that same training and support system could teach you how to optimise that website for earning potential that could if done properly replace an income, establish a respectable income or become a very substantial income. You tend to get out what you are prepared to put into this business in terms of consistent effort while learning and honing your marketing skills as you go.

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Skills Required

One of the most common reasons cited for people not starting an internet business is that they don’t believe that they have sufficient technical skills, or knowledge of digital marketing, to be able to get started and then maintain business momentum.

Most people assume that this will take a great deal of time and money to reach a competent level, before they can start even constructing a monetised website never mind make money from it.

Well all of that has changed dramatically in the last decade and it is possible to test that statement at no risk.

All that is needed to get started with this is the ability to read and write. You need regular access to a laptop or to a PC, connected to, or which can be connected to the internet, with regular access.

You could even build this via your smartphone if you had the patience and dexterity, though it would present something of a challenge for your eyes! You certainly will be able to monitor its progress and do some maintenance tasks via your mobile phone.

Build a Website

The first thing we need to do is build a website. WAIT!……… Those of you who were about to swipe right just hold that thought.

I did say that the only skills required were the ability to read and write and I was being quite honest.

If you have never built a website before, or if you did and it was a complicated and unsatisfying affair, then fear not because things have moved on considerably. A lot of the process is automated for you. We are not interested in turning you into a network engineer, our drive is to get you up and running with an online business as quickly as we can, working at your pace as you learn and gain confidence in your own abilities.

We can teach you to have a website up and running within an hour!

Yes I did say an hour, in fact when I started, I think that I was online with my website in around 45 minutes and within 3 weeks I had established two websites with 30 articles published between the two.

You might think okay, that’s all well and good and even vaguely interesting but how then do you make money out of two websites with 30 articles.

The evidence of how this is possible is in front of you every day when you are surfing the internet yourself. Let’s examine what I mean by that.

Drive Traffic

Everywhere you go on the internet these days you see adverts popping up all over the place these are usually adverts from big companies advertising their products and when you CLICK THROUGH these adverts and buy something you are putting money in the pocket, by way of commission, of the person who wrote the CONTENT which you are reading. (In fact you are reading my content now)

This content has been seeded by KEYWORDS and these keywords are recognised by Google, Yahoo and Bing SEARCH ENGINES to drive TRAFFIC (people) to read the content which is effectively the bait which AFFILIATES (the retailers) take advantage of in partnership with the content creators. The first half of the title of this Blog Post is a keyword, that will have driven you to this Post via the search engine you are browsing with.

Traffic is key to attracting the interest of your chosen affiliates in entering into partnership with you because this is one of the many ways in which they sell their products and coincidentally it is also the way in which you MONETISE your content and your website.

Monetise Your Site

So in simple terms content writers look for partnerships with companies or retailers ( the Affiliates). Once these partnerships are established product placements for those affiliates are peppered amongst the content via a number of methods. This can either be via links in the text or via a still or animated graphics that you click on.

The commissions paid vary according to what product or service is being sold. This is of course the simplest explanation possible only to explain the general concept. There is a bit more to it than I have given you here, but the great thing is that you can learn all of this by doing as you go.


Getting started is as easy as ABC, and you can even have an absolutely FREE Trial (no credit card, no payment details).

You can now choose between two routes:

Have you been given enough information to sign up for a FREE trial and get going? CLICK HERE to sign up.

Still not sure? Want some more information to dig a little deeper? CLICK HERE for a beginners review.

This is the easiest guided startup for any serious business that I have ever seen anywhere!

Whichever route you take above, you will have the opportunity to be online with a website built in hours, regardless of your previous experience or knowledge. You will then, in accordance with your own needs, strengths and speed of development, be supported, coached and mentored through the steps of establishing and maturing your own business at a risk of less than $1 a day.

Your only real risk will be the time you are prepared to allocate and your only real limitation is your imagination and application because there are over 7 billion potential customers in the world and there are over 2Bn PCs or Laptops connected to the internet and that is a without thinking about all the other mobile internet capable devices such as tablets, smartphones, E Readers et al.

Maybe you should click on one of those links?

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4 thoughts on “Online Success From Home – A Guided Startup”

  1. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .By making money in the online world, I’m a successful person and I’ve been able to do this at home .This is not scary at all .The training and support system has taught me how to earn potential and how to optimize a website and establish a decent income. That’s why I need a lot of expertise and I can achieve it with confidence as well as have the patience to build a website, drive traffic and monitor my site properly. Currently I am working successfully in the online world and I am a woman so I have the right place and I have been able to do it from there. 

    Lastly, I hope you all enjoy reading this article and following the tips you have given you will definitely succeed in the online world and definitely share it with you.

    • Thanks Shanta, you hit a number of good themes in your comment in relation to flexibility, working from home, safety and the equality of opportunity.

      Good luck


  2. A thorough and informative article. I have been working online for only a short time and you’re absolutely right, it is possible to learn as you go. I had no ‘skills’ to speak of but I was to eager to say goodbye to the normal grind of the 9 to 5. I might have dived in naively but so far the support that’s available has helped me to have more confidence. I am learning something new each day, that’s for sure.

    One thing that I’m still not sure I have got right, is the type of products I’m trying to sell. There were so many choices, I’m still not sure I’ve got the right companies on board. Do you think it’s wise to change them even though I’ve used their links on the site for a couple of months ? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Thanks Twack good to hear from you.  My advice would be don’t blink! You do have to monitor what works and doesn’t work but you have to understand what measure you are setting to judge that.  My own view would be that a couple of months is not long enough to make that decision. I would be looking at a minimum of 66 and probably 6-12.

      The other thing you could do is open up another niche?  Hope that is helpful



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