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Kia Ora

If you are not From New Zealand please don’t leave yet, read on. Because the opportunity that I will discuss here is a global one, which is currently being pursued by people in over 190 countries around the world.

This is easily one of the simplest online work from home jobs that you will find anywhere. It can be configured to take many forms, to suit a range of interests and outlets.

If you are seeking a way of earning without having to leave home, that allows you to be flexible with your time and allows you to be the Boss and call the shots then read on………

Do you Have A Reason?

You may be a full time tertiary student, you may be long term ill or incapacitated, you may be a stay at home single parent, you may be a full time caregiver, you may be retired from salaried employment, you may wish to build an escape route from the workplace, you may want to develop, what is known these days as, a side gig or side hustle.

Whatever the reason, and there are many more than I have managed to list above, you are in the right place, at the right time, to be able to meet all the needs which have been expressed there and a lot more besides.

The only risk is time and the only limitations are determined by your own work ethic and your imagination.

Do You Have Skills – Are You Qualified?


People often discount the possibility of online work or employment because they decide, before really examining the art of the possible, that they don’t have appropriate skills. They known nothing about IT and its all a bit scary and complicated. Maybe they have had a bad experience in the past where they may have tried to set up and run a website and it all got too difficult and they pledged “never again!”.

I have really good news for you, the only skills that you need are the ability to write basic English and to be able to read and follow simple instructions. You confidence and knowledge will grow and develop as you proceed through online training.


The qualification sought here is not a certificate, or a diploma, or a degree it is a mindset. Are you open to possibilities, do you have a good work ethic, can you get organised, do you have stickability?

If you can answer yes to all the foregoing then you are eminently qualified and you should read on. If you have any doubts, then I recommend that you bounce through now and go and look at my Paleo Blog LoL!

Are You Willing To Work Hard For Yourself?

This is a key question, if you have come here looking for a magic solution to your financial questions or problems then you are in the wrong place. In fact, you will be in the wrong place wherever you go if that is your mission quest.

What I have to offer here is a serious business opportunity, and if you want it to deliver on the real potential within it, and on the potential within you,  then you must take it seriously and treat it just as you would a bricks and mortar, retail, or service oriented enterprise.

I make no apologies whatsoever in stressing this point very strongly. If you go down this path you need to apply yourself, get organised and exercise some personal discipline. You should be a goal driven individual who is able, with some help, to determine what it is that you wish to achieve. With this platform, and this opportunity  we can help you to realise those achievements and potentially far more than you may have imagined before now.

You will have no Boss, this can be a bad thing and it can be a very good thing….you decide.

Do You Have Strategic Patience?

In the last section I stated quite clearly that this opportunity does not represent a magic bullet. Similarly, I will now state quite clearly that this opportunity will not make you rich quick, though it could potentially make you rich in time.

The key determinant is you. It is not the system, it is not the training, it is not the support, it is not the package of benefits and advantages that you have the option to buy into, for less than $1 a day should you so choose. (….and don’t worry there are no up-sells  in this programme)

The only reason that people are successful with Wealthy Affiliate is because of themselves, everything else is a supporting effort.

It is you that chooses how and when you unlock your own creative and earning potential, to a point where you succeed.

Some will make some lucky decisions and be in the market with an idea at a fortunate time, maybe getting there perhaps a bit quicker than others, but this is going to be the exception not the norm.

What Is Required

The best example of what is required is what you are reading now in this post.

As an Affiliate Marketer I currently write 3 commercial Blogs. These are connected through Affiliate relationships with some big retailers and service providers.

People reading my Blogs will choose to activate links in the text which, in turn, will take them to vendor marketplaces. They then have the choice to purchase, or subscribe, depending on the nature of goods and services being marketed through the Blog.

If an individual chooses to purchase or subscribe then a commission is paid to the writer of the Blog.

The Blog that you are reading now is set up to market a subscription based service. My Paleo Blog linked above (by all means have a look when you have finished here) is linked to Amazon, promoting books on the subject of the Paleo Lifestyle.

There is a never ending appetite on the internet for content (you are reading content in this post). People want to be informed, they want to be entertained and they want to build knowledge.  Many choose to do that by visiting sites such as this one, or my Paleo site.

Content leads to site traffic, leads to opportunities to sell products, leads to commissions, all of which ultimately, over time, with the right management and construction (all taught at WA) leads to choices for you!

What Are You Waiting For?

If you think that you now have sufficient information to receive a fuller explanation of what is involved, you can find what you need here at Wealthy Affiliate,

You will be offered a FREE trial (no payment or credit card details necessary) and you could, believe it or not, be publishing your own live website within the hour!

Need a wee bit more information before going to the FREE trial?

Hey I understand that, I actually did my own online research before becoming a member at WA myself.

My Beginners Review will answer other questions that you might have which have perhaps not been covered here.

Whichever choice you opt for, you have a real opportunity right now, to unlock that creative and earning potential, which you know you have always had, but which you didn’t known how to exploit until now ……..

Are you ready to try?


P.S. If this post has inspired you to become a Blogger yourself, and make money while you do it, you can find out how to do just that, by going to Blogging A Business How to Go About It

This includes an easy FREE method to get started and FREE hosting of a website upon which to base your Blog.


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  1.  Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and informative article. The main theme of this article is to Online Work From Home Jobs in New Zealand. It is truly remarkable that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Strategic Patience.

    Your article is very important for those who want to make a living online, and your articles will benefit them. Finally I enjoyed reading your article and so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you happy with me.

  2. Hello Scott, you have listed all the necessary questions anyone willing to start online should ask themselves and if the right answers are given, then we are good to go. Working from home is a lot of fun for those who have gone through training and have already started making it from it. However, some people with little orientation about the business and with the mindset of making quick money will fail if they go into this line of business because it needs hard work. 

    • Thanks Benson, yes the get rich quick mentality is a disappointment waiting to happen Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate business and like all business it needs commitment, discipline, organisation and an ever inquiring search for knowledge and continuous improvement.


  3. Hello,

    Thank you for this great information. For someone looking to get started, how do you recommend picking a niche and how do you know you are picking the right one? I see your blog with helpful tips but sometimes getting started is so overwhelming. What do you recommend to not make getting started seem so daunting?

    Many thanks,


    • Good question Brittany.

      The technique of writing down the first 10 things that come to mind that you have a passion for then down selecting to top 3 then writing 10 blog posy titles for each has always worked for me and the p[eople I have worked with try it.  Thanks for coming by



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