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New Zealand is an economy which, when we put tourism and dairy to one side, is built on small business, typically owner operated. But how easy is it to set up a small business, what are the costs and what is the survival rate. In this article I will discuss these aspects and more. I also give you an idea for a low cost, work from home opportunity, that anyone can do, at negligible cost and where the only real risk is your time. This article is deliberately targeted at my Kiwi readers but the principles will hold true and be applicable in most if not all countries where this post is being read and the opportunity discussed is open to all globally. I hope you find this information useful.

Small Business NZ – The Statistics

When the NZ Government Small Business Developmnet Group wrote its 2015 report, there were just short of 0.5 million small and medium businesses in New Zealand. They accounted for 30% of the work force and generated 27% of Gross Domestic Product. Growth of small and medium business was estimated, at that time, to be 5% p.a. That would mean that between 2015 and the end of 2020 we can estimate a growth of 154,000 bringing the total to about 607,000. I can find no statistics specifically for running a business from home in New Zealand but I assume that a significant proportion will be contained in those figures.

Small Business NZ – The Pitfalls

A 2018 Callaghan Innovation Report, carries the worrying comment that NZ’s smaller new businesses are having an increasingly lower success rate. Given that the Small Business Development Group 2015 report suggested that as many as 350,000 of the estimated total of 600,000 NZ small business are single operator initiatives, this might give significant cause for concern. However, to balance that NZ is recognised as one of the fastest countries in adopting and realising the advantages of new technologies for small business in particular. This has huge relevance to the information that I will share  with you here by the time we reach the end of this story.

The ANZ Bank has a very good article on its business pages, that talks about the avoidance of the 7 pitfalls of small business; stress management, locking in revenue streams (cash flow is the number 1 killer for small business in NZ) market research (done particularly poorly in NZ and other countries) market targeting (often not done at all) customer retention, good website presence and last but not the least business culture.

What if there was an option to avoid the vast majority in fact all of these pitfalls and still be able to start a single owner operator business at the lowest financial risk possible. What if the only real risk was taking the time to understand the possibilities and to have a go at no cost at all? Might that interest you?

Technology – Global Reach From Home Wherever You Are

You can read an article at, that tells us that in 2014, 6 years ago, there existed over 2 billion personal computers, all connected to the internet. Between 1970 and 2014 it is estimated that over 3.5 billion PCs were shipped. I recently read an article (which sadly I cannot find and so cannot properly authenticate), that said in 2019, 2.5billion PCs or other internet capable devices were connected to the internet.

What’s the point? In gross terms this means that anyone with a PC has the potential and the opportunity to connect with a market of 2.5 billion people. The possibilities are mind blowing.

The Big Players

The top 3 players in retail marketing online in 2019, with their reach and visits per month (pm) were:

  1. Amazon – Global Reach – 4.6Bn pm.
  2. EBay – Global Reach – 1.8Bn pm.
  3. AliExpress – Global Reach – 865M pm.

If you were able, for free, to tap into the revenue streams of these giants and at little or no risk, from the comfort of your home and via your PC keyboard, would that spark your interest? What if I told you that this was entirely possible and that you could have a business active and taking advantage of these possibilities in 1-7 days, would you at least take a look at it?

The Possibility – Toss Your Alarm Clock

I am an IT professional with over 45 years in the sector, who has been earning a significant 6 figure salary for some years now. But what also comes with that is a 2-hour daily commute, often a 60-hour week, or more when needed or called upon, and an often stressful environment, with considerably less control than I would like, particularly in regard to my time.

In 2014, I had the good fortune to be given a paid sabbatical and awarded a fully funded scholarship to study a Master’s in Information Management with Victoria University here in NZ. I worked really hard that year and was rewarded after studying 12 papers in 12 months, and producing a 30,000 word case study, with a Master’s Degree qualification, with distinction, and of which I am immensely proud, having left school to join the Army at 16.

But more than the pride I felt on achieving that goal, the lasting desire that my year as student left me with was to have the  ability to earn a good salary but once again also have the flexibility to manage my time and massage my work hours to have a better lifestyle and spend more time with my family…….does that sound at all like you?

Interested – A Free Trial at No Cost

If while you have been reading this you have had some light bulb moments when some of your own concerns, and maybe even your dreams have come into sharp focus then I think that you are in the right place.

A Word of Caution – There is Work to be Done

If you are thinking, yeh right! (Apologies to the Tui reference for my Kiwi readers) this looks like just another one of those get-rich-quick schemes that scam me for a joining fee and then leave me high and dry, with no support, and with products that no one wants, and which I can probably buy cheaper elsewhere anyway, then just stay with me and read a little further.

I don’t have the time nor am I interested in being involved with anything that lacks a professional standing or credibility in the market place. Having thoroughly researched this opportunity, before becoming involved,  I can find no reporting, evidence or commentary on it being anything other than what it says it is; a community of helpful members who have a common interest in taking control of their destiny, reaching out to a global market from the vantage point of their own keyboard.

Having benefited from the collective wisdom of over 2 million mutually supporting people, whose only interest is in continuing to establish what is a well respected brand in this marketplace I am making progress in building my business portfolio on a daily basis. I had the good fortune to be able to get started and grow at my own speed, with no pressure from an unseen or detached sponsor, and I also had the good fortune to be able to test drive the opportunity, for free, with no obligation, no credit card details and no hard sell from anyone at any time.

Also, despite my 45 year career with IT, I perhaps quite amusingly did not have the first idea about how to build, launch, operate and maintain a website. These guys had me online, with an operating website, in under an hour and have given me comprehensive training and support ever since.

There is work to be done, I cannot emphasise enough this is not a get-rich-quick thing, there really is no such thing. But if you have a PC or laptop (i imagine you must have as you are reading this) If you want to take control of your financial future, and if you want to do it at little or no risk, other than your time, then go quickly to the last paragraph.

Do Yourself a Favour and Take a Look

“Okay, okay” I can almost hear you saying “cut to the chase”.

If you click on this link you will get a full explanation on what and how this works. You could be starting your own venture running a business from home in New Zealand within the next hour or two (via a FREE Trial) if you really want to just click below and begin a voyage of discovery and opportunity:


For those who wish to find a little bit more before going to the FREE trial read this Beginners Review

Whichever you choose you are the road to success!

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  1. Over the years many people has tooken to quit their jobs and going into online business or business From home as they have proven to be a more lucrative way to earn money without much stress like when working under someone.thanks alot for this tips I have a brother based their I would send this link to him as I know it would help him as it would equally help the public.

  2. It is quite difficult to fathom that even though you have been in the iT industry for a long time that you didn’t know about building a website. I thought all IT people would naturally know all about this stuff?

    But it is good to learn from the best people how to do this thing, and you have given a great recommendation because when I clicked on the link at the end of your post, it took me to the exact place that I have been learning and building my business from over the last four years. I couldn’t have been in better hands.

    I especially love the fact that you can build a sustainable business, and nobody can ever take it away from you, unless you decide to sell it.

    • i know! When I tell my wife about the website thing she often reminds me that builders tend not to build their own houses!  I was good at leading motivating and organising IT people. I had some great experts working with me who could build beautiful websites and make them hum; but not me and the last thing thing I wanted to do having done IT all day was do IT all night.

      This is different I have a reason and a motivation and a set of goals and when I found this unique system it just literally blew me away!

      Thanks for visiting


  3. It’s really comforting to know that it’s not impossible to make a living out of something like this. With all the competition online these days it’s easy to expect it to be daunting to become a ‘small business owner’ among the millions, but this gives me courage to give it a go. Thank you for the insight 😊

  4. I did a short working holiday in NZ some 15 years ago and was mostly attached to farm work. The experience gave me an insight into NZ’s rich agriculture businesses and despite the tough job, I absolutely enjoyed the interaction with the farmers and owners. One of the concerns they vividly had back then was passing the business to the next generation because the young ones clearly weren’t interested in managing farm work. More were interested in tech-based work and also working from home. 

    I don’t know the agri-culture landscape that well but is it possible to merge farming and home-based business together in NZ moving forward? 

    • Cathy I hope that you enjoyed your time in our  beautiful country!

      My advice would be that working from home works in any environment with the beauty being that you can scale it to the time available to you.

      My strategy has been to build my Business at Home alongside my well paid day job until I have the option to make a decision to quit the day job.

      You just have to be clear what you want to achieve and how quickly.

      Thanks for visiting my pages and for visiting my country.



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