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Sack The Boss – Own Your Time

Well who would have foreseen the world turned on its head, and the financial markets in free fall, but just a few short weeks ago, never mind months ago.

We are living in a time of uncertainty, with no one having much idea about what will come, when the is crisis reaches its end, which, by all indications, will not be anytime soon,Upside Down World

Essentially we are, for the moment at least, in a new normal. We should expect to come out of the current situation, to face an entirely different normal again, in whatever develops over the coming weeks, months, and potentially years.

Is now the time to be talking about how you sack the boss?

There was never a better time!……….

The Crisis is Largely Irrelevant

All that said even though the crisis is something that we most definitely need to take account of, and factor into our decisions and actions in the near to medium term, the fact is, that everything that follows from here on in, of this post, would be true and applicable, even without the current crisis.

So while you read it, I would ask, and even recommend, that you consider it in the light of your personal situation, before the crisis hit us. The only factor, and it is an important one, that you will of course consider, is that the financial implications of COVID 19 will have a lasting effect on the job market, and many will have to consider that on top of what I have to say here. Indeed, you must do this if you are a person heavily effected in this way, but who does not want to find themselves in this situation again in the future.

I do have a potential answer for you to consider when you get to the end of this post.

What Are You Doing?

See if you recognise this description. Every day for the last 45 years I have worked a minimum of 8 hours, 5 days a week providing my labour and intellect in return for a fixed wage or salary. In the work that I have been involved in the only way to change the salary amount is by time and or promotion. Working harder or longer hours derived me no financial benefit and I often watched my contemporaries doing the minimum and sometimes less and getting paid exactly the same as I did when I was working longer and harder. I have found myself working for considerably longer hours 60, 70, 80 and on more accessions than I would have liked being away from my family for months at a time, again with no financial recompense for that commitment.

Now given what I do, I knew what I was getting in to and I represent probably one of the more extreme cases in the employment world.

I am however by no means unique; there are many others in the spectrum, that runs from my perhaps extreme case, all the way to the 38-hour minimum necessary category that find themselves feeling helpless and not in control.

We all of us in this situation have one thing in common, a boss! Be it the government, a corporation, a manager, an owner operator or whatever they all qualify as bosses. In the main they call the shots they appraise you they have your bonus recommendation at their control, they say yes or no to your leave, and so it goes on.

In my younger days this never bothered me and to be fair I don’t think that it even occurred to me, as I was on a series of quite fantastic adventures, travelling the world and having amazing experiences (the subject perhaps of another Blog post LoL).

In more recent years however I have valued control over my own time more and Hamster Wheelmore. It s not that I want to become lazy or non-productive, it is just that the classic 9-5 office based, open-plan, timetabled, transactional hamster wheel has become less and less attractive.

I was actually lucky enough in 2014 to be given a paid sabbatical to study a Master’s degree full time at Victoria University, in Wellington, here in New Zealand. I have never been the same since, it spoiled me for the routine that I was forced to return to because I had gone through a period where I had ultimate discretion on my time but where I discovered that I was actually more productive, given that freedoms than I had been in the classic routine.

Does this sound at all familiar to anyone who is reading this? I would be surprised if it didn’t. For those of you who have not had that opportunity I would be surprised if you were not becoming more interested as we follow the thread of this story!

I made a decision to change the classic routine and find a way to recreate the freedom and simultaneous productivity that I had tasted in 2014.

I knew that in order to achieve this I would have to get myself in a position to ‘sack the boss’

If you want to have the benefits I have described here, then you need to think about change. Major change in the way that you think, which will lead to major change in what you do, to achieve control over your own financial destiny. Thus providing you with choices to control your time, and decide where and how you want to be productive.

When Will It Change?

This what we term a call to action! Are you serious? Because just sitting there getting all excited about the prospects and then doing nothing about it will not help you out of the predicament you are in. For many who may be facing bleak job prospects coming out of this crisis. Now is the time to act. The transactional unit of labour for a unit of currency model will never give you financial freedom because you are not utilising the tools and opportunities that allow your o multiply the effects and the revenue earning potential of your unit of labour.

Own Your Time

What I am talking about is a passive or royalty based income. We are surrounded by examples every day.

The Beatles broke up in the early seventies. Still today their recordings their music, are earning money for McCartney and Starr and for the estates and families of Harrison and Lennon. Yet each piece of music was written only once despite it earning revenue over and over again.

JK Rowling became an overnight millionaire on the strength of a children’s book series that none of the big publishers were originally interested in. JK wrote each of those novels but once and every time a book is sold today and they will sell for years and years to come, not to mention all the merchandising and offshoots that they have spawned, will pay JK!

I am not suggesting that you and I are the Beatles or JK Rowling bout we have the power and the opportunity to harness the same merchandise and principles.

Can You Do Better?

The simple answer to this simple question is,…….of course you can! Perhaps the more pertinent question however is,……. are you prepared to?

Here is where I give the note of caution and some real truths to consider:


  • What I have to Offer will Not Make you Rich Quick – There is no such thing.
  • It will not replace a full time job in the short term, and possibly not in the medium term, but it has the potential, depending on individual financial circumstances, to release people over time from their day jobs.
  • WORK IS REQUIRED; Effort = Output – Nothing will happen if you do
  • There is no Boss to chase you; you are the Boss you do the chasing.
  • Ordinary people from all walks of life are doing this every day and making it work successfully.
  • All the training, advice and support are available from a leading service provider in the field.
  • I am doing it today as I write this post. It is not difficult, but it takes discipline commitment and organisation.
  • It is a business of your own but you are not on your own.


  • It is NOT MLM there is no up line, there is no down line, you earn in direct proportion to your own efforts, not the efforts of others.
  • You hold no inventory, there is no upselling.
  • You have the opportunity to work with giants like, Amazon, Ebay and AliExpress, as well as thousands of other affiliate companies, for no buy in fee.
  • It cost nothing to test it. You can have an absolutely FREE trial no payment or credit card details required.
  • Should you wish to take advantage of the platform there is one grade of membership with 3 graded discounted subscription options but the services offered are identical.

Here’s How

As I have gotten older, and I hope a wee bit wiser I have worked to minimise and control personal risk. It would be quite wrong of me now not to advise you to do the same.

Sack The BossI recommend is that you go to Wealthy Affiliate, register an account (you will not be asked for any payment details at all) then for absolutely FREE start test the training and support available. This free package will give you the ability to host 1 website for free as well to facilitate you first 10 free lessons.

You can then, after you have had a chance to look around and experiment with what is available in the FREE trial, exercise your personal preference and discretion in choosing one of the 3 paid subscription rates available.

The only risk incurred is your time, but you will get an immediate return for risking that time, because you will have learned considerably more about you would need to do in order to maximise and control your future time and you will have an understanding of just how easy it is to establish the foundations to achieve this.

If you discover as a result of looking at that information that this is not for you then that’s absolutely fine. You will have lost little but some time to educate yourself on an option that is available to you and your pocket will have seen no effect all.

Observe or Act?

For those of you who have read enough to go straight to the FREE trial (no payment or credit card details necessary) You can go to Wealthy Affiliate and you could be up and running with a live website within the hour!Act Now

Some of you will not be ready to make that step and maybe want to explore more and I can help you there as well.

You can read my beginners review about the sequence and the nature of work and activity involved at A Beginners Experience.

Whichever of these choices you make, you have the opportunity, now, today to begin a journey that could unlock your personal earning and creative potential, leading to the achievement of some freedoms and choices, which until now, you may have only dreamed of.


P.S. If this post has inspired you to become a Blogger yourself, you can find out how to do just that by clicking on Blogging A Business How To Go About It

This includes an easy FREE method to get started and FREE hosting of a website upon which to base your Blog.


10 thoughts on “Sack The Boss – Own Your Time”

  1. Having a day job used to be fun for me and I must admit I loved my workplace for its peace and the kind of people I work with at the office. Getting close to retirement and how to deal with got me thinking about a lot of things and that’s how starting a blog came into play. However, I knew I needed some training and I was introduced to wealthy affiliate. So far, its been a really great time with my training, and as soon as I set up my blog i dropped my job and o realized that there was more peace being your own boss. 

    • You are on the money here Benson, all of the things you say tell me that you are one of the people that I wrote this post for!

      Good luck and thanks for coming by.


  2. Your comparison is just spot on there. I mean, it is very true that some people actually make the same amount that I do for my day job and it’s very sad. I tend to try not think about it too much but at the end of the day,the thought just keeps bouncing back again to my head and it’s just sad. I am happy to see that there is something that I can do to change all of that and I am glad to give it a try. Thanks!

  3. Hi Hamish. I love my secular work, but employment is not guaranteed, neither will it bring financial independence. I believe, being an independent business owner is the way forward, hence I joined Wealthy Affiliate, because I saw the potential of having a lucrative online business that can bring financial independence and get me to the place where I can sack the boss. You have highlighted a few things which tells me that I’m on the right path. I believe people need to wake up and realise that they need to take action now, to start securing their future with their own online business. Great write up to point people toward taking steps to become their own boss, and to achieve financial independence.

    Kind regards
    Carlton Hewitt

    • hey Carlton thanks for dropping by my Blog pages. Its great to see that this has hit some notes for you. I believe that you absolutely are on the right path, but then I would say that!
      The thing is I genuinely mean it.
      Good luck with your venture, you won’t need too much of that because you have already stacked the deck in your favour by going with WA, stay safe and well my friend.


  4. Nothing beats the peace that accompanies being your own boss and calling the shots. Though I was lucky to work under a very great boss with the right working environment, the joy was never there. Finally! I can get to kick all of that aside and face square on the potentials of getting myself a better way of working with a lot of peace of mind and deciding exactly when and what I want to work and the direction I want my business to head on. Thanks

    • Hey glad that you may have discovered a path towards controlling your own destiny, good luck and come back and tell us how you get on. Stay safe and well.


  5. Hello, 

    Great post for active people, like us, right? Unfortunately, many people like 9-5 jobs, and they don’t want to change anything in their lives.

    It is great to be a boss ( I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate), but I like to have a steady salary ( I feel safer).

    I very agree with you that discipline is number one. That is what we need most – to become own boss.

    I like the article and hope the people will change their minds and sack the boss – own their time.


    • Thanks for the comment jpaliskis, each to their own of course.  In my view you can do both and have choice.

      Take care stay safe and well, thanks for coming by my Blog



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