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Spin Rewriter Reviews – Beware!

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I recently read a review on Spin Rewriter, which had me really excited, so I went to have a look and the claims on the site itself were really quite amazing, so I unhesitatingly signed up.

In this review I will relate the whole experience and leave you to make up your own mind, about the veracity of Spin Rewriter’s interesting product claims, and whether you would be tempted to use their services.

Spin Rewriter What is It

At first sight given the claims, this is a miracle product that allows you to set up a website plug it in and sit back and drink your favourite cocktail while traffics is magically driven to your site like sheep being herded by a couple of prize sheep dogs.

Of course nothing is ever quite what it seems!

Name – Spin Rewriter – from spinrewriter.com trading as INFINET LLC.

What it Does – Claimed to be capable of taking any article and through application of AI response it into 500 new usable articles that Google could not identify as having the same root origin. (I know should have known better)


Ease of Use – 6/10

Advanced Features – 3/10

Effectiveness – 3/10

Support – Bold Claims – Not Tested

Price – $47/month OR $77/year OR $497 for lifetime. (Yearly price is $197 but a 60% discount is offered through the reviewers affiliate link)

Upsells -Grammar check ($17/month), wordpress license ($37 one time), Gold membership

Trial – Free 5 day trial. You can spin unlimited articles in these 5 days. Cancel if you are not satisfied (with difficulty)

Overall rating – 3/10

Affiliates programme – Oh Yes and here is the danger!

Verdict – Claims made on the effectiveness of the basic product which have a bearing on the upgrades are outrageous and currently apparently impossible to deliver on.

Recommendation – Steer Clear!

My Sign Up Experience

How Did I Find It

I actually was led to Spin Rewriter via a review that I read which caused me great excitement. I thought that if this could really do what it said it could do then I could be running a dozen or more commercial websites with ease; almost without having to do anything. Just initiate the build, add the compliance pages, and then plug in Spin Rewrite, sit back and drink gin while the money would flow in!

Some of the Claims

  • Able to take any article and through use of AI (intelligent EML Semantics) spin it into up to 500 unique versions.
  • Able to automate posting of articles through wordpress on a schedule dictated by the user.
  • 100% money back guarantee on all subscription services.

Here is a quote from the review that led me to Spin Rewriter:

“If you were to hire an experienced writer on fiverr or upwork, it can cost you anywhere from $5 to $20 per article. Let’s say you purchase the yearly membership of $77 (after $60% discount). That’s mere $0.21 per day. Even if you write one article per day using this, you can write 365 articles in a year. The cost per article is just 21 cents. Even if you write one article per week, you can write 52 articles per year. That’s just $1.4 per article. Google will still love you”

In many ways I would not dispute this but what it fails to tell you is that you will actually spend hours going through the re-writes correcting, grammar syntax and context. This is because it is really quite clear from just one run through that the intelligent EML Semantics module has some way to go yet before it is matured to a level that will match the claims made in the marketing material.

My Sign Up

I always do my own due diligence when looking at digital products so I did not sign up through the affiliate link in the review. I went to the internet and looked at some other reviews and actually I was pleasantly surprised at the majority positive views that I found. So I thought that I would have a go at the free trial.

I landed on the site direct through the native URL. I was then invited to sign up for a free trial which entailed giving a pre authorisation through PayPal that at the end of the trial I would be charged US$77 for the annual subscription (which incidentally I later discovered would be increased to hundreds of dollars on renewal.)

I happily signed up to the US$77 deal via the free trial and was directed back to a welcoming video which was the beginning of a series of attempted upsells. The Gold (VIP) deal at US$37 also sounded good so I signed up to that.

Then I was invited to take out a WordPress licence for another US$37 dollars to allow automatic plug in which would facilitate automatic publication. I skipped that and moved on only to be presented with yet another upsell.

This is when for me alarm bells stated to ring in my head. Anyway I skipped all the remaining upsells and moved through to activate the product which sits in the cloud and can be access from any device anywhere ( a good selling point) There is also an app for spinning on the move (another good selling point.

Then I blooded myself……………

The First Test

The Experience

I thought to myself what better test is there than to take the review that pointed me to Spin Rewriter in the first place and see what it could do with that. Particularly given that I had discovered that they had an Affiliate programme. If this thing was to work the way that they said it would then that Affiliate programme would be looking like money for jam!……….

I dropped the article into the spinbox (the reviewer had recommended accepting all suggestions from the writer once it had done its thing so I did)

I was crest fallen, the result was a grammatical train smash with appalling syntax and the context destroyed beyond recognition!

It had even changed the product name from Spin Rewriter to Rotate Compiler!.

I had been given a choice of up to 500 unique re-writes when loading to the spin box and I had chosen just one. I shudder to think what the other 499 would have looked like.

My Reaction

I felt like the 13 years old on that first Christmas when you get no toys! Just socks and books………

I then thought well what would it have looked like if I had purchased the wordpress plugin option and let this Frankenstein loose on my websites and that caused a cold shiver down the spine!

At best what I thought was that I would be paying for a service where after it was applied I would be going back and proofing and editing constantly to make sense of the product.

If you have not worked it out yet I was unhappy but relieved that I had discovered all of this before going full court press on an installation.

I wanted my money back for the Gold subscription and to cancel my trial so as not to invoke the US$77 payment in 5 days time………..

100% Money Back Guarantee Test

More alarm bells!

I went to my account to cancel my subscriptions invoking the 100% money back guarantee advertised in Spin Rewriter’s marketing material.

On arriving I was told that as I had paid through PayPal that I could cancel my subscriptions by going to PayPal and it provided a link. I hit the link and received a 404 error message!

My heart was in my mouth.

I did two things I initiated a dispute resolution and immediately escalated it in PyPal given the experience of the broken link. I then contacted my bank and instructed them not to honour my Debit Card Payments via PayPal to INFINET LLC.

Gold Membership Refund

To be fair 30 minutes later I received (I suspect automated) an email from Aaron (I assume the owner developer) which stated that my Gold membership was being refunded.

I have yet to confirm that my free trial leading to a debit of US$77 has similarly been honoured with the money back guarantee but I am confident that my bank will act upon this.


My Path and Yours

From an initial boyish excitement through to an increasing suspicion, brought about by a serial tour through an up sell path, to outright anger and disappointment with the very first product trialled, I have arrived at this review.

I hope that my readers find this useful and that you avoid making my mistakes or at least go into this with your eyes wide open.

Affiliate Programme

There is an Affiliate Programme associated with this product so it is going to elicit a lot of positive reviews by those wishing to sell it. make sure that you pay in such a way that during the free trial you can ensure recovering your pending subscription fee.

Promise and Despair

I was very taken with the claims of Spin Rewriter and if it had proven to deliver on what it purported to be capable of then this review would have looked quite differently (it would have been a spin of that which had ultimately led me here).

The lesson is an old one of course; if it seems too good to be true it is probably too good to be true.

I do not recommend this product but if you go there be aware that it is not what it claims to be.

Hamish ????

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  1. Wow🤩! This is an amazing review you’ve got here on spin rewriter as it will greatly help reads to beware of scam. If I hadn’t read this article before coming across spin rewriter, I would have immediately signed up for it as the claims are highly intriguing. Thanks for saving me! 

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing this amazing article. It will be of great help to me because if I haven’t read this article before coming across this spin rewriter , I would really love to join because I love doing or trying out business that can able me to make money online. Your article has open my eyes that I shouldn’t just take part in any online business without a full details of it . Thanks for sharing once again.

    • Very sensible, I think this product once fully developed will be really good but until it gets there it is making outrageous claims about its current capabilities. Thanks for the comment 



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