Steam Punk Business – A Niche?

In other posts I have discussed business or Blogging Niches. I am often asked how do you choose a niche and how do you know that it will be profitable and that you will have enough to write about in the long term. The easy answer is that all niches can be profitable and all provide enough to write about. I wanted to prove this and so I have taken, what is to many, a relatively obscure subject, but one that happens to interest me just to prove this point.

In effect what I am presenting here, utilising steampunk as the subject, is a kind of case study, designed to demonstrate how easy it is to exploit any niche as the basis for a Blog and as an online revenue generator.

What is Steampunk?

This is a really great question and you will receive a variety of answers from those that do and those that don’t know about This phenomenon and it’s many off-shoots.

In basic terms Steampunk (not to be confused with Cyberpunk more of that shortly) is retro futuristic sub genre of science fiction or science fantasy.

The Steampunk world is predominantly set against the backdrop of a 19th Century Victorianesque inspired view of the future in Britain, sometimes France or sometimes even the US the Wild West. It provides a view of the future, that might have been harboured by Victorians, which is limited by coal and water powered steam engines and complex and intricate clockwork creations.

Much of it is inspired by the machinery, contraptions and devices, which both HG Wells and Jules Verne wrote about in their hugely popular novels of the mid to late 19th century. This has been picked up and developed by more contemporary authors like Phillip Pullman and Scott Westfield. Think of movies like Mortal Engines, the Golden Compass and Hugo and you will have good picture of Steampunk.

Cyberpunk is often confused with steampunk but it is in fact the antithesis of Steampunk in that it imagines a high tech environment with a fractured dystopian societal fabric. Imagine movies like the Hunger Games, The Maze or 9 and you will have a good view of Cyberpunk.

Inevitably the two sometimes become merged in many forms of creative art including literature television and film. A good example of this would be the contemporary TV series Carnival Row.

Is There Money in Steampunk?

My Father once said to me (he had learned it from his Father) “a thing is worth what you can get a man to pay for it”. In simple terms two generations of my parentage were telling me that there is money in everything.

If you just look at the examples I have given above, two things jump out; literature and movies (money). Books and film continue to be draw inspiration from the Steampunk and Cyberpunk genres and the melding of the two. But both movements have also spawned festivals, cosplay merchandise, board games, artwork, architecture, restaurants, classic cars, TV, toys, models and many other things that people want to buy and sell.

So I think that we can safely say that there is Money in Steampunk but not only that there a myriad of aspect upon which a Blogger could find themselves writing about; style, movies, machines, art, festivals, music, costumes and so it goes on, the list is almost endless.

Having satisfied two criteria, money to be made and material about which to write, how does this become monetised.

How Do I Leverage This Market?

The answer is really quite simple and is summed up in a number of action activities which quite literally anyone can do with a little guidance, support and training, no previous knowledge is required.

  1. Obtain regular access to a PC or laptop connected to the internet
  2. Choose a Niche (Steampunk)
  3. Build a website
  4. Establish a Blog
  5. Post regularly with keyword rich content
  6. Drive traffic to the site by means of number 4 and linking, and marketing your Blog to social media platforms.
  7. Set up affiliate and ad links that point your readers to products and services
  8. When products or subscriptions are purchased, you benefit from the commission, paid relative to the type of sale.

Yes I know it’s a simple list but when you look at some of those things you may be asking yourself do you have the skills to be able to do these things and be successful?

The truth is that all you really need is a good attitude to work, some personal discipline, a little organisational ability, be able to read and write (more of that last one in a moment)

How Do I get Started?

For some readers of this post the list above may, at first glance, appear quite daunting. So let’s take each of these actions in turn

  1. I assume if you are reading this you have access.
  2. The world is your oyster pick any niche; I think there is sufficient evidence above that it almost doesn’t matter.
  3. You may lack skills but there Many providers on the net who can help you to do this; some are better than others.
  4. You may say you can’t write, but all that is needed is a relaxed conversational style of writing nothing complicated.
  5. Just write about what interests you, but you need to know how to use keywords; this information is on the net.
  6. As long as you have social media accounts this can also be taught quickly if not create new accounts.
  7. Never done this before, again the information is freely available via the internet.
  8. Your only involvement is to inform you affiliates of you bank account details.

The point is that if we really try we can always find reasons why we should not do something. Here at I can show you the way but you have to make the decision to take action and follow through.

I have had, and expressed many if not all AOG these concerns myself as thought about, researched and prepared to build my own business on line and I promise you I had no idea how to build a website or how to leverage such a thing via affiliate partnership.

Quite by accident I found an amazing support model that I plugged into and within 1 day I had a website up on the net with keyword rich content and a week later I had built a second one and within two weeks I had published 24 Blog articles between the two websites. If I could do that I know you can.

In the next section I will point you to how you can achieve this.

A Point in The Right Direction

Having started to become somewhat disenchanted with my working environment after 45 year of working for a salary in a number of communications and IT related leadership roles I decided it was time to take control.

My biggest motivation was to have flexibility and control over my time and how I would use it. I started to explore the options and while I was also training to become a licensed leadership development consultant, I was surfing the Internet researching a lesson plan when I accidentally hit upon a review for an organisation called Wealthy Affiliate.

I had a look, liked what I saw, and within a day I was Blogging.“`

What attracted me was the combination of being able to test the system with a free trial, the excellent step by step training and guidance, the immediately available (although I was a free member) tools that helped me to get started and the quite unique social, incentivised, pay it forward community concept that I encountered.

I have written a full review of my experience of that startup elsewhere on these pages and I invite you to read it if you need more convincing that you should take a look.

If you just want to get started and learn more firsthand, just CLICK HERE and you will be taken to Wealthy Affiliate,  where all will be explained, and you can get going on your free trial.

You will not be asked for any credit card, or payment details in order to get started. You will be invited to take an absolutely FREE trial.

Should you wish to know more before going to the FREE trial then just click on this Beginners Review.

I hope that you have found this useful, good luck with Working From Home Online,



8 thoughts on “Steam Punk Business – A Niche?”

  1. This is such a great article but first I wondered what Steam Punk business involve but as I read through, I was able to to see that there is a niche in any area so long as we are willing and able to get down and write content.  Wealthy affiliate has enabled us to start a business at the comfort of our homes and be able to run with minimal costs and people have succeeded in the business so long one is patient about it.

  2. Can someone easily learn this niche? I have a friend who used to work as a consultant in the United Nation’s office in Thailand. He has a doctorate and PhD degree, but he’s very willing to humble himself and learn the tricks of the trade. Just recently, he ran out of cash in his savings account and decided to look for opportunities online wherein he can earn money. I told him that I am in niche blogging so he got so interested. I’m thinking of recommending this niche to him and blog about Steam Punk. 

    • Ha ha! Love it, even though mission here was to demonstrate that any subject at all can be turned into a niche, but why not Steampunk!

      Let us know how it goes Gomerf.


  3. Really very nice to know your story as well. I am working on my niche from few days. Same happen with me like you say. Quite by accident I found an amazing support model that I plugged into and within 1 day I had a website up on the net with keyword rich content. Soon I have many post on my blog like you. I am very excited to know about your step by step guide. Soon I will visit again.

  4. This is an excellent article. Thank you for sharing and simplifying the process of choosing a niche. Great read overall!

    • Thanks Vatsalya, I nam so glad that it was of help to you. One day I will develop Steampunk as a niche, probably with short fictional stories, but I just wanted to use it as a test case to prove the art of the possible for now. Good luck with your own Blogging



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