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Things To Think About Working From Home

Working from home is becoming ever more popular as the 2020 statistics show. More and more people are hiring people to work remotely, while new from home start-up initiatives are appealing increasingly to people as an alternative to the, commute-and-desk job.

The opportunity to work from home can be incredibly liberating and provide a better work life balance, particularly in a family where there is more than one bread winner or career pursuant. However, there are some ground rules to be considered for working at home if as a well as freedom there is to be productivity.


Applications and Productivity Tools

It will be worth checking what productivity tools you have and which you need. DesktopMost home PCs are set up for web browsing and or gaming. It is going to be worth examining your requirements for applications such as databases, spreadsheets, calendars and task trackers as well as ensuring that you have sufficient backup storage for important documents. Shopping around for some of these products, once your needs have been identified is well worth it as there are good bargains to be had on home office packages. These days you might consider getting these service by subscription from the cloud which will ensure evergreen capability and low maintenance on your part

Office space

A dedicated work space is essential, though it need not be an entire room. It is important to separate your professional office space clearly from your leisure Office Spacespace. A desk or small table in the corner of a quiet room in the home should suffice, even the kitchen table if not in a busy thoroughfare. I have even claimed the same favourite corner table in my local coffee shop, for several hours a day, and worked from there. Head phones and non distracting music is a help in these situations where you have to, or choose to, share a space. The message is find the system that works for you.

Dress For Work

No need at all for the central business district business suit, I work in a polo shirt and shorts. PyjamasHowever, wearing PJs during the workday has been shown to diminish productivity. PJs are both consciously, but more importantly sub consciously associated with sleep and leisure. Experience suggests that more gets done when we change into day clothes, as colourful as you like!.


Organised Workspace

Again this is about mindset, if you treat your work space seriously, then you will condition your conscious and sub conscious to treat your business seriously. De-cluttering and good organisation will cause less distraction and will promote better and constructive productivity Working from home does not give license to treat your work-space like the laundry, kitchen or gym. The same holds true for your computer. Get disciplined and focused to understand that while you are working, it is a work tool. Don’t get distracted by your digital or online games portfolio



If you know of a home based job that has no need for internet access, then please let me know because it has to be as rare as hen’s teeth. It is an inescapable fact that the internet is now key to getting just about anything done in today’s world. Blogger, entrepreneur, consultant, or just about any other product or service related professional occupation nowadays with rely on good quality internet availability. Consistent and efficient speedy connection and decent bandwidth is an underpinning for a good home based venture. It could be the difference between profit and loss.



Many, might question why a phone capability is required when good voice facilities can these days be provided over the internet. But a good business will always have multiple communications channels to mitigate for loss of one due to unforeseen circumstances. If you can do voice at distance then you can conduct business in real time.

Human Networks

Working from home doesn’t mean being disconnected from human or social networks or interaction. Networking sites, tailored for business professionals, like Linkedin and others, provide opportunities for like-minded business operators to exchange ideas and discuss trends and partake in collegiate and mutual professional learning activities


Specific Work Times

It is important to have a routine with specific time allotted for work and it is important to stick to the routine once formulated. It is all to easy to confuse work-life and home-life when they essentially occur in the same physical location. Creating a bounded workday routine has been demonstrated to aid and increase productivity. It does not have to be a classic 9 to 5 pattern, but it should be a specific time allocation dedicated solely to work.

Expectation Management

Working at home can save significant money on transport. But, certainly in the early days, it would not be unusual for it to pay somewhat less than you might be used to, or you might expect. There are a significant proportion of from -home workers who are self-employed, and who are therefore responsible for all the costs associated with running their business. Others, like freelance writers for instance (I have done this producing content for others) may suffer, as I did, the initial disappointment, on realisation of the seemingly low per-word payment rates. However, once established, rates can be better negotiated.



As is stated in the previous paragraph, establishing oneself provides improved opportunity and potentially better pay. It may be necessary to start out slowly, accepting modest recompense in order to build a credible reputation and brand. Staying with it and ensuring quality production, is more likely to deliver worthwhile benefits later.

Distance and Separation

It is of course important to work without distractions when necessary, but it is not necessary to constantly work. It is all too easy to bring the work home when work and home are under the same roof. It is as important let go of work, just as it is to allocate specific time to work and stick to it. One of the oft stated and most popular reasons for working from home is to achieve better work-life balance. It is just too easy for this to go wrong. If a difficult task runs on past the scheduled work time, think very carefully about just how important it is to get it done right then and if you can’t convince yourself the leave it until tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Things To Think About Working From Home”

  1. It is very essential to create the right mood and atmosphere for working at home. To achieve success, it is paramount to have the mentality of working diligently and also, I agree with you on the needs to have a dedicated work place as this would help create a routine and also seriousness. 

    Getting other necessities are as important as this just like dressing for work and Also getting the right and appropriate equipments and tools too such as internet connection and all. 

    Good post

    • We have no disagreement on any of that Ella, I hope that the article has been of some use to you do visit again soon.


  2. Hello Hamish, these little things matters a lot when working from home and when I first started I made the mistake of not providing a space for work in my house and also Internet service was really bad as well. Presently I have found a solution to them and it’s all good, but one thing I am still battling is the attitude to work that is required. Sometimes I get lazy and it’s not really helpful. I believe I will do better in time as I develop routine.

    • Thanks benson my friend yes I think it is something that most people struggle with until they get used to the fact that it is work not holiday or leave, and routine is most definitely the key to that along with some good personal discipline.


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