Time and Risk – Your Time What Risk

Kia Ora from New Zealand, the country that sees the sunset before any other, each day of the year! That gets me to thinking about how we use our time.

Time is one of those strange resources that you have available, that can be used only once. As I type this the time that I consume to do it is invested and depending on what I have invested that time in will determine if I got some value or enrichment from it or not…………

The Nature of Time

The availability of time provides choices, while the passing of time can either deliver reward, regret or ignorance.

Let’s first of all look at the regret and or ignorance:

Time Regret and or Ignorance

How many times have you looked back on a day or a period in your life when you have said “well that’s a day of my life that I can’t get back”. Sometimes you have no control over that; it may be that you have to attend something at work which you know will elicit this reaction in you but you just have no choice but to be there because it is expected. At least you will be paid for that, but it probably still represents a period of regret.

But what about the time that you do have, your time? Many of us fail to treat our own time with the respect that we often accord our work time. Have you ever considered how productive your own time is for you, do you use it wisely? Does time pass you by without you thinking about it? The latter is ignorance of lost opportunity.

Don’t misunderstand me I am not suggesting that all time needs to be harnessed to earning dollars, far from it. Thirty minutes a day spent on meditation for instance is in my book a good investment with a worthwhile return if it keeps you healthy in spirit.

No, all I am suggesting is that it is worth taking stock of how you use your time so that you can get to a point where you explore the choices you have available with your time to come.


This is relatively simple; there are really 3 choices available for use of time from today and you choose:


  • Change nothing – that’s okay but you may regret that decision later.
  • Continue to work in a way where you do something once in exchange for payment once.
  • Find something that multiplies your time investment and pays you time and again for that one piece of work – something that has the ability or effect of earning for you while you sleep, in fact it has the potential to earn for you 24 hours a day following the Sun rise around the world.

The Reality of The Risk

For me the reality of the risk is that If I was not doing this (Blogging for business) then I would be probably be using the time somewhat less productively.

The great thing about this is there is a huge potential for the work that I am putting into this Blog to pay me over and over again. It can be paying me while I am sleeping because once I publish it I have lost control of what happens next, who reads it, who picks up an option for a purchase of a product or subscription that I will benefit from, but where I have also delivered value in the shape of knowledge and information. It’s a win, win situation

The reality is by doing something productive, even if it does not realise the full potential of that productivity then I have still reduced my personal time risk profile.


If you do not have a major creative skill as, for instance, a musician, a painter or artist or a writer, then you are limited in the ways in which you can make your work pay you many times over (royalty based income)

Think of the Lennon Mcartney songbook. Those gentleman wrote each of those songs once but that work has paid them and many others connected with them time and time and time again.

But what if I told you that what I am doing right now, in writing this Blog, has the potential to pay me over and over again would you be interested in finding out how.

The good news is that I can offer you the option to find out without financial risk and if you did want to go one step further I could offer you the possibility of a $1 a day business opportunity to de risk your time and access the potential to multiply many times over the return on the work that you do today.

A FREE Test of The Possible

Because as I have gotten older and a wee bit wiser I have worked hard at minimising and controlling my risk, I would be remiss if I didn’t advise you to do the same.

So what I recommend is that you head across to Wealthy Affiliate and register an account (you will not be asked for any payment details at all).

You can then for absolutely FREE test the training and support and at the same time have the opportunity to establish, also absolutely for FREE, up to two hosted websites.

You can then decide if you want to take advantage of one of the 3 paid subscription possibilities after you have had a chance to look around and experiment with what is available in the FREE trial.

The only risk that you incur by doing this is your time, but you will get an immediate knowledge return for risking that time, in that you will have a learned a wee bit more about what is required to maximise your time and just how easy it is to put your foundations in place to do so.

Hey if it’s not for you that’s absolutely firm, you will have lost very little; all you will have done is increased your knowledge base and your pocket is not affected at all.

Observe or Act?

For those of you who have read enough to go straight to the FREE trial (no payment or credit card details necessary) You can go HERE and you could be up and running with a live website within the hour!

Some of you will not be ready to make that step and maybe want to explore more

You know what that is absolutely okay there is nothing at all wrong with doing your due diligence! I did extensive online research before building my first site.

You can read my beginners review about the sequence and nature of work and activity HERE.

Whichever of these choices you make you have the opportunity today to set off on a journey to unlock your personal potential and creativity and to achieve some freedoms and choices which until now you have only dreamed of.



6 thoughts on “Time and Risk – Your Time What Risk”

  1. When I think of time I get obsessed with it. Each day that I am spending, is it worth it? Do I make a change? Am I doing something to accomplish my goals? With all these thoughts I am obsessed with time management. The matter of fact is that you cannot return the time that you have lost (Only in the fantasy world) And time is money, that is who all these professionals charge us so much for their skills because they are using their time to be an expert on it.

    Time is money in my opinion. We all have 24/7, no one gets more or less. It is up to you to just waste your time on instant gratification or learning something to grow your wealth. Pay yourself first is the key 🙂 

    • Nuttanee thanks for dropping by and reading this post which is dear to my heart.  I agree although it’s not always about money.  However money creates choice which actually can give you even more control over time by being able to pay for those things that others can do (and providing employment opportunities for others) you can then use that time to even better effect.

      Good luck with getting the return on your time investment that you clearly are determined to achive!


  2. Our time is always precious and the best thing we can do is just to be very time conscious and use it strictly to effect changes. But most cases, hesitation and procrastination always cause for regret and ignorance too. However, when we risk and take the chances with our time, we realise that there is more to life than just living but living to effect changes. So definitely, time is worth risking

  3. Time is something we can never get back once it is over. All of us try to save and record it via photographs and videos but that same experience is gone forever. I see your point of people not taking their personal time to be as important as their work time. That happens a lot when we do not work for ourselves and when we’re dependent on getting a paycheck from someone else. I’ll give Wealthy Affiliate a try. From what you’re saying it might help me to quickly get started with a blogging website, something I really am interested in doing!


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