Wealthy Affiliate A Review – A Beginners Experience

In this post I am going to review, what I believe to be, one of the premiere, if not the very best of affiliate business support models on the net today. It boasts over 2 million members and is growing daily, as it continues to support online business owners; from startups, to those that have been successful in digital business for years (and who probably started with Wealthy Affiliate which is the subject of this review).

Wealthy Affiliate

Our WFHOL.com Ratings are:

Creators and Owners: Kyle London and Carson Kim

Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

Training: 5.9

Support: 5.4

Website Builder: 5.9

WordPress Hosting: 5.8

Research Tools: 5.9

Success Stories: 5.4

Price: Most Popular = $49pm Best Value = $359 for 12 months (39% discount)

WFHOL.com Overall Rating: 5.7


What Is It

Wealthy Affiliate is essentially an online business support model, that has so many points of difference from its competition, that it is actually quite hard to keep track of the continual upgrades and improvements, that they seem to be delivering constantly, to their members, which impressively stands today at over 2 million.

It was established in 2005 by entrepreneurs Kyle London and Carson Kim, who still own Wealthy Affiliate today. From a modest start as a membership site (less than 50 members) providing lists of keywords to those who were engaged in internet marketing across a wide range of diverse niche interests and products. Over the course of the next fifteen years they added a social network, established web hosting infrastructure, developed and provided training and research resources and provided a mutual feedback and comments credits based facility.

The current membership model has a 2 tiered (free and paid) offering with greater access and support provided through the premium membership. Membership is offered over 4 price levels, with corresponding discounts for each level of member financial commitment.

These are:

Free: – limited access to support and training systems but able to host 2 websites for free and access building tools.

Premium:Access to all tools and resources and hosting of up to 50 websites.

Monthly $49 ($588pa) for members converting to Premium from Free in the first 10 days the first month is $19

6 Monthly $234 ($39pm $468pa) 20% discount

Annual $359 ($29.92pm) 39% discount

The Experience

As someone who had never even attempted to build a website before and knew absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how easy it was to get started. Using the step by step guide, in the initial training offered, I had my website up and running with published content within an hour. It seemed like all the hard stuff was done for me.

I was taken through the concepts of indexing, ranking, keyword research, niche selection, site traffic and content creation quite quickly.

One of the things I really liked was that the training was not spent and gone. I could revisit the lessons over and over again, until I was confident that I knew what I was doing. The lessons remain available as long as your membership remains  in place.

The other remarkable thing that surprised me about Wealthy Affiliate was the interesting, but welcome, community aspect.

It is a social network, in its own right, of 2 million members who exchange ideas and advice, mentor, coach and encourage one another, with some seriously successful entrepreneurs entering into the conversations and happily sharing their business development secrets.

Wealthy Affiliate promotes a pay it forward culture, where they believe that ‘a rising tide raises all ships’.  Individual success is celebrated as the group (WA Brand) success, which in turn promotes even more potential for individual success.

I was intrigued to see that social activity is recognised with an incentivised rewards programme, which I believe is unique to this kind of affiliate programme.

There is a wee word of caution here. It is important to consciously balance your time between being productive in your business and participating in the social opportunities that this concept provides. To be fair this is pointed out in the training Repeatedly as you go through it.

The Tools And Technical Support

I had never used WordPress before but the guys at WA had me up and running in minutes, teaching me how to navigate the features and actually having me engaged in writing keyword content within an hour.

Having everything in one place with SEO, WordPress and a raft of useful plugins was great. As a person with an extensive training delivery background I have always liked the  ‘see a little and do a little’ Method of training support. Again WA have mastered this and the mix of ‘chalk n talk’ and practical activity was really a comfortable and confidence creating experience.

Kyle and Carson either have a background in people development, a natural affinity for it, or they have parachuted expertise in to their permanent workforce to deliver a programme of this quality and effectiveness.

Even when I was left to my own devices and I, perhaps, pushed the wrong button, or forgot a critical step, or just didn’t know what to do next, I was able to get the information I needed, either by canvassing the membership at large (be prepared for the swarm of almost instantaneous help) or by raising a ticket with the support desk, who were prompt and really polite and helpful in their responses

Final Thoughts

Despite actually having been engaged in the IT industry for 45 years in various capacities, I have never bothered to know how to, nor was I particularly interested in, building websites.

I had done some reading in passing about affiliate marketing and the digital marketplace, but I had nothing other than superficial knowledge of the concept, what it involved, how to go about it, or where to start.

Wealthy Affiliates Gave me everything that I required in a ‘One Stop Shop’ to answer all of these personal inadequacies and I had a website with keyword rich content in place within hours.

The experience created interest and sparked the curiosity in me, to know more and acquire the necessary knowledge to build a serious portfolio.

In short, this looks to be the perfect vehicle for anyone, like me, who has never had any experience of the digital market before. The training, the tools, the support, both technical and social, coupled with the opportunity to test drive, or experience a free trial and then advance at your own pace, but not alone, is compelling. Overall I grade this vehicle as a 5.7 out of 6.0 having found it very difficult to pick faults and I was super skeptical, having dallied with many at home opportunities in past years. This is definitely the real deal.

In fact I was actually so impressed with my experience that I have had no hesitation in remaining involved, and full discourse, I am now building my own digital portfolio through my WA membership.

This may well  imply a bias on my part, but I have been around training and development for 4 decades and this organisation has quite literally blown me away with its comprehensive approach to helping people build a business.

If your interest has been sparked and you want to take a look at the nuts and bolts or even better experience the Free trial then click here and you will be taken to wealthyaffiliates.com.

I hope you have found this useful.


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  1. Nice review. I have heard about Wealthy Affiliate and your review discusses the features of this training site in detail. Good to see you mention all the characteristics and also your won experience. From your review, I can see that this is a great opportunity for newbies to learn how to build websites and start their own journey into being a digital entrepreneur. I am really interested and would love to try this product. 

    • Good to hear from you Sirshendu I promise you will not be disappointed Come back and ask any question you like when you have had a look

  2. We! This is really interesting I must say and thanks so much for sharing this out with us. In all honesty, I see this as a very interesting post and one that would be worth sharing. My experience with wealthy affiliate has been awesome too and I can only wish for more better days. This is great and thanks for sharing

  3. Hello Hamish, nice to see you share your Wealthy Affiliate review based on your personal experience with it. I am not surprised at your awesome experience with the platform because I have heard so many speak of it and I am currently a member. It’s difficult to find a fault. Only those that are not ready for success will find fault in such an amazing Community with the lessons, tools, services, support and a community of like-minded individuals. I am blessed to have found Wealthy Affiliate. You’re blessed too 🙂


  4. Great post. I really enjoyed reading it. It was very informative and great
    insight. The site is put together very well. I really like the rating
    system that was used and found it to be very helpful. Also, I found the
    final thought to be very good and your 45 years of experience is very
    impressive. I look forward to following and learning more.

    • Thanks for visiting Nathaniel I appreciate your comments and I am glad that you enjoyed the review feel free to let other people know about it. I am happy to answer any questions from anyone who might wasn’t to have a go at the free trial which is an excellent way to get started.


  5. Hello. Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing review about Wealthy Affiliate and the explanation given.

    I’m a member on Wealthy Affiliate since October 2019 and i want to say that this was my best decision i ever made. Here i have learned how to be a successful entrepreneur using all this training’s program. Another advantage is that the people from there will help you anytime you have problems. Now i have some websites created here and i promote different products. Earning some passive income by commission is the best way to make money online. I put here such a useful information about this platform and i think that every beginner who want to start his own business need to read your words.

    Thanks again and wish you all the best ! 

    • It is always good to hear from another WA member who validates the support model.  I wish you the best of luck with your efforts.

      Thanks for visiting


  6. Hi Hamish

    Thank you very much for writing this detailed and well written article of Wealthy Affiliate. It has everything I want to know about the programme, what to expect and more importantly how much it cost and why thinking long term is the way forward.  As with many businesses it is not a quick money making scheme but with time and effort you should be able to make an income. It will not be overnight but it will eventually happen, if you are consistent and make an effort.

    What in particular makes Wealthy Affiliate different from other similar affiliate programmes?

    Thank you for this article.


    • Thanks great question and easy to answer from my perspective. I would liken it to a benevolent mutually supporting eco system. It is a true business support model with every support angle covered.

      Hope that helps?

  7. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best platforms for one to start up with affiliate marketing as it has All the things one need to be comfortable and the most interesting part about it is that it very beginner friendly not like other that is very complex to work with.thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to us all

    • I am always glad to hear from commenters who have had The same pleasant and rewarding experience as I have enjoyed as a WA member.

      Thanks for visiting


  8. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us and through you we know very well about Wealthy Affiliate.I have often been working at Affiliate for six months and I can make a very good profit from it because I get everything I need for Affiliate Marketing.  Wealthy Affiliate can be a great medium for anyone wanting to do affiliate marketing because there are so many tutorial videos that you can easily learn affiliate marketing. And here you will find many paid tools that can easily bring your website to a good level in SEO ranking. Finally, I would say that website is a great medium for affiliate marketing and I hope that after reading your article many people will get premium membership from here and all of them will go a long way in affiliate marketing.

  9. Hi Hamish

    Great review and blog post about the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. I have been working within this platform for about eighteen months now. It is truly a wonderful place to learn everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing. The best think I like about it the community you find within the platform. The support is 24/7 and the help is second to none online.

    I pay a yearly memebership as I find this is the cheapest way to pay for your subscription and investing in yourself and gaining all the knowledge of how to do Affiliate Marketing from begginer to an expert, far outweighs any small cost involved. 

    Any one thinking about learning how to make money doing Affiliate Marketing sould read this article and the take action from it. It could change your life. It certainly changed mine.

    best wishes and good luck


    • Great to hear from another WA  member and I cannot agree enough with what you have said here. I particularly like the no risk aspect. I don’t know of another business out there where you could be in the market for free and then on hyper charge for less than $1 a day.

      Thanks for visiting


  10. I have to say, this review is such an eye opener. I have been involved with so many trainings that leave you hanging when you need help the most. But from the look of things, it seems the support system at wealthy affiliate is at its best. Also, I’ve heard that it is beginner friendly, this review definitely confirms that. Thanks for sharing 

    • Hey Leo thanks for bringing the beginner aspect I would highly recommend this system to beginners.  I knew nothing when I started and while I don’t know everything now my knowledge spiked almost over night so yes if you have never dabbled with this kind of thing before this is perfect for you.

      Thanks for visiting


  11. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and I thought that your review was quite easy to read and thorough without going into too much detail about what you get for your money. Readers who wish to make money online would likely be interested enough after reading this article to want to visit WA and learn more.
    Nice work.

  12. This is a very interesting read and its great to know that Wealthy Affiliate has assisted thousands of people around the globe to live their dream lives and purpose.  Personally when I started with Wealthy Affiliate I didn’t have any computer skills at all but I now have two websites which I am proud of owning them.

    • Great to hear from someone else who has hade a pleasing experience with WA.  I hope it all is going well for you thanks for visiting.


  13. Affiliate marketing is something people have been talking about on how it can help one achieve this life of freedom and be one’s boss. I really wanted this. I’ve been trying hard to learn this but couldn’t get the right training. Some I met has been about upsells. Recently, I learnt of Wealthy Affiliate and decided to research more about it.

    Your experiences already shows that anyone just like a newbie like me that don’t know anything about coding or programming could actually excel. Since the registration is free, I think I will leverage that to see if it’s something for me.

    • Yup I am understandably biased but I really think that WA is the best thing out there. I have tried a number of business support models over time but this knocks them all into a cocked hat.

      Good luck with you affiliate business Leon



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