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Wealthy Affiliate The Truth – A Must Read!

I am asked a lot why Wealthy Affiliate and why even Affiliate Marketing?

Here is the truth as I see it……I hope that you find this useful and thought provoking and that it will lead you to an exciting decision.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have not heard of it the concept is relatively straight forward and anyone can do it, with no prior knowledge or skills.

Big companies will happily partner with owner, work from home, digital marketers, to promote products and services and drive potential purchasers to their online stores. An example of this is Amazon who have a very well-developed affiliate marketing arm accessed through Amazon Associates.

The most simple method (and there are many) is to establish a website (real easy in the 3rd decade of the 21st Century) drive traffic to that website by publishing what people want to read (a niche; this can be anything, here is one example). Then while they are reading they are linked, or pointed, to the commercial partner by ‘clicking through’. They make a purchase, or sign to a subscription, and you benefit by commission. The products and services do not cost anymore to the customer than if they had gone direct to the company.

Some Head Turning Statistics

I did research recently looking for some statistics that would demonstrate the potential for both the marketer and the retailer. I found these Affiliate Marketing (AM) head turners from

  • Affiliate marketing spending has grown by 10% for 5 years and is expected to maintain that growth for some time.
  • AM is currently worth $12Bn worldwide with the largest single markets being US, UK and Canada.
  • In the US and Canada, along with email marketing, AM accounts for 16% of s’all e commerce purchases.
  • It is estimated that AM currently accounts for 15% of all digital media revenue.
  • AM programmes well done have been said to boost company earning by up to 30%.
  • 81% of brands have an AM option available.
  • Last year alone users clicked 5 billion times resulting in 170 million single transactions.

The top Marketer to date made $7M in sales over two years, by being very focused on pitching at qualified targets with the most potential of converting to a purchase transaction.

Observer or Participant

These are fascinating and compelling facts but so what?

Well what I am suggesting is that you are being presented with a choice (not a guarantee).

1. You can absorb all this information and then dismiss it having convinced yourself that you have no seed funding, no skills, no knowledge and therefore no chance of grabbing some of this revenue gathering action.


2. You can get involved with a development and support platform tailored for Affiliate Marketers which will teach and support you through a process where you will establish, build and develop your own digital marketing platform(s)

  • You need no seed funding!
  • You need no knowledge!
  • You need no skills other than the ability to read and write!
  • You have every chance if you choose option 2 above!

The choice is Observer or Participant……….which is you?

Wealthy Affiliate

How do you do this?

You take a FREE trial with Wealthy Affiliate and then if you are given a level of confidence (and you will be) that you actually can do this then you sign up to a paid subscription and for less that $1 a day you are in business.

What do you get for FREE?

You get access to the initial training and support that will have you establish and publish a website in as little time as 1 hour from when you start. (You can in fact host two websites for absolutely FREE as a non subscription member).

Don’t believe me?

That’s perfectly alright, I didn’t believe it either. But I thought “what do I have to lose if it’s FREE”. So I had a go, and much to my surprise (I really wanted to be able to say huh! I thought so) It worked and I was away and running. I didn’t hesitate and took a paid subscription in my first 24 hours and now I am building the foundations of a business, that I know will give me my time back in due course and time is the only real risk in this opportunity.

What do you get for a subscription?

For less than $1 a day you get access to evergreen training resources, the likes of which I would defy anyone to get access to, for this price, anywhere! Evergreen because it is constantly being updated. You get a ready-made, ready configured hosting platform with a set of tools that provides everything that you need to be successful. Everything that is except motivation, attitude and effort; you must bring those to the party yourself.  You will be able to host up to 50 websites as part of your subscription deal.

Most of all you become part of a 2 million strong (growing every day) community of the most supportive people it will ever be your good fortune to be associated with. This is a real, active, community, sharing uplifting stories, advice, training, tips and tricks and all generally encouraging everyone at WA to be the best they can be and to unlock their personal potential to achieve the goals and objectives that members themselves set. This also includes direct access if needed to the creators and owners of the WA platform.

What Will You Do?

You could get started now for FREE…… Yes you did read that correctly for FREE!

Wealthy Affiliate are so confident that you will like this that they will happily provide initial training and even host two websites for you absolutely FREE just so that you can test this great support platform.

You will not be asked for any credit card or payment details. All you need is an email address to register an account with WA.

It gets even better if you were to take an option on one of the three subscription plans; monthly, six monthly or 12 monthly, and you were to take that option within 7 days of account registration, then your first month will cost only $19.

So if you are ready for a FREE trial just CLICK HERE

Need To See More First ?

That’s absolutely fine; There is a beginners review of the WA platform, which you can read first, before you decide what to do next just CLICK HERE.

You will have an option to go to the FREE WA trial when you get to the end of the review.

Hamish Scott

6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate The Truth – A Must Read!”

  1. Wealthy affiliate is the real deal! I tried so many sites and gurus to try and get my site up and running and it never worked. I couldn’t get questions answered, no help or feed back, and no explanations. That was when i found WA. Right when i was about to give up and call it quits i gave them my last try.

    It was the best choice i ever made concerning growing my site. I now get google traffic, sales, and so much more. I highly recommend all give it a shot! They answer all questions and help show you how to get your own traffic and site rollin!

    • Thanks for this Denton,

      Couldn’t agree more the best support model for am online startup I have ever found!

      Thanks for dropping by

      Hamish 🧐

  2. This is really great to see here. Wealthy affiliate is the right path for anyone who wants to venture into affiliate marketing and really make a lot of money through it. Affiliate marketing is easy to do if the right approach is followed and this is the leverage that wealthy affiliate presents to anyone willing to join the platform. I like how you have broken down the details of this post. Thanks

  3. Your review is refreshing, because it is a little different from so many Wealthy Affiliate reviews.  I like it!

    I especially liked the statistics you gave on the affiliate marketing industry.  It kind of says to me that we are in the right field.  

    If people would just “get” that — that you can start out for free and find out if the opportunity fits, and then pay your money — but for some reason many don’t get it.  I guess it’s also true that many do, which is why our organization is so huge.  Still, there is so much value here that it surprises me that so many people miss it.

    Ah, well, you have told the truth — either people believe it or they miss a great chance to improve themselves and their lives.

    • Thanks Fran yes ot is the truth from our perspective and you are correct why wouldn’t anyone not have a test drive for FREE!

      Nice to have you drop by



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