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What Home Job – There Can Be Only One!

The fantasy cult movie Highlander gave us this great and lasting catch call “There Can Be Only One” and while I might be…….no strike that……..while I am most definitely and unashamedly biased, what I want to talk to you about in this post, is why Wealthy Affiliate can be the only one, when it comes to considering and selecting your choice of what home job.

Read on….

What is Wealthy Affiliate

In simple terms Wealthy Affiliate is probably:

  • the most cost effective,
  • user-friendly and
  • results oriented,
  • home business startup,
  • training and support model,
  • Which is available to anyone, anywhere, today.

How would I know?


  • Because I have been around the houses when it comes to entrepreneurial startups!
  • Because I have been a professional trainer for 45 years.
  • Because I am not selling a concept or an idea or a system in which I have not first totally immersed myself.
  • Because it has around 2 million members and grows daily.
  • Because the evidence is abundant in the many and varied success stories that are available for anyone to read for themselves when they become a FREE member.

Why Is It so Good

Significantly, and as indicated at the end of that last list you can try it for absolutely FREE and that is without any payment or credit card details being surrendered to become a member. You can even host 2 websites for FREE under this FREE membership category. This is pretty unique in a business of this type and it really does give you the opportunity to experience all the components that the platform can offer you to make starting an online business just the easiest that it could possibly be.

Of course, you will not get the full functionality, that a paid subscription gives you but there is way more than enough to allow you to make up your mind that this is something for you and that you can do regardless of what skills you have to start with.

You don’t need to commit to a higher grade member ship (which unlocks the whole training and support system to previously FREE members) until such times as you have developed a level of trust, that leads you to the decision, that this is something that you really would like to take wholly seriously.

There are 3 paid subscription levels but all provide exactly the same access to exactly the same training and support, and if you commit to a paid subscription within 7 days, you will receive your first months subscription at less than half price ($19).

A paid subscription can work out to less than $1 a day! Yes $1 a day to establish a professional, credible business venture.

It will provide access to the more than 2Bn subscribers on the internet today.

It will give you the opportunity to partner with some of the biggest companies in the world today like Google, Amazon, EBay, AliExpress to name but a very, very few (and at no cost to you)

Why Is It Better Than Anything Else

Well from a personal perspective I have been looking for a very long time and I have had many false starts. These false starts have led me to discover that too many times, what is on the label is sadly just not always really what is in the jar.

This Jar is brimming full of what you see on the label!

The Unique ‘pay it forward social support system stands Wealthy Affiliate out from the crowd. I know of nowhere else that I have seen where a community of people all essentially doing the same business are actually celebrating each other’s success providing advice, tips and even mentoring and coaching others in the community for no personal gain to themselves other than they grow as people in a very special way. It is an amazing supporting cultural ecosystem just quite frankly not seen anywhere else!

What Does It Involve

It’s not at all complicated but it absolutely does require work. There is no promise that you can get rich overnight following the WA methodology.

This is an opportunity which has must be treated with a serious, businesslike approach, in a professional and disciplined way. Following the advice and guidance which is available through the first class training and support system Provides the best chance there is of achieving a return on the time investment which must be made, first of all to build the foundation and then to maintain and continuously improve your own revenue gathering platforms.

It should come as no surprise if you treat an activity like a hobby then you would expect a hobby based return on your time investment. To be fair some people will see this as that kind of opportunity and be content with that. You just need to decide what your expectation is and apply yourself and invest as necessary to get the return you need or want.

This has the potential to be a pocket money earner, a second income earner or a primary income earner….you decide!

Need More? – Here Is Some Choice For You

For those readers who have heard enough to risk going to the opportunity for an absolutely FREE trial (no payment or credit card details necessary) You can CLICK HERE and you could be up and running with a live website faster than you could imagine.

Some readers will not be ready to make that step and maybe want a bit more ‘meat on the bones’.

Hey that is absolutely okay! I did extensive online research on this when I first came across it (quite by accident, I might add!) because I found it just too hard to believe. So, if you want to read my beginners review which goes into more detail about the  sequence and nature of work involved please CLICK HERE.

Whichever of these choices you make you have the opportunity today to set off on a journey to unlock your personal potential and creativity and to achieve some of the freedoms and choices which until now you have only dreamed of.


6 thoughts on “What Home Job – There Can Be Only One!”

  1. WOW, after reading this post, I was really motivated myself but can you deliver? I became a premium member of Wa in just under one week. When I was stuck in a few areas , i.e. choose my niche and writing my site description, I contacted Kyle and Carson for help and the help came pretty darn quick! Responding  that quickly, was that a fluke  or is this normal procedure? Thank you, Laurence

    • Hi Cajunchile every time I have asked a question I have always got several replies that would break my log jam looks pretty good to me.


  2. wealthy affiliate one of the best platforms to start making money from home. I have been on the wealthy affiliate platform for few months now and I must tell you its the best because I have made a lot of money that my job couldn’t pay me in years and that just the tip o the iceberg as there many ays to still earn…that’s why I recommend WA for everyone looking to start making money online from home.

  3. I love Wealthy Affiliate. Before joining the platform, I never imagined it could be so easy to set up a website and start my own online business. However, with the incredible training, I was able to accomplish that goal. What I must say is almost even better than the training is the community of people who are so willing to help and see you succeed. It is truly an awesome thing to experience. Great recommendation and post!


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