What is a Blog in Marketing

Before becoming a Blogger in my own right I had been writing content, operating freelance, for other commercial Bloggers for a number of years.

Once I had made my decision to become a commercial Blogger in my own right I decided that I had to find out exactly what is a blog in marketing terms. So I researched and I read. From all of the material I perused, I started to compile a checklist, to guide me on my new path to becoming a commercial Blogger.

In this post I share What I believe are nine of the most important principles.

If this post proves to be helpful to only one of my readers then I will heave achieved my mission. I am confident that there will be something here for everyone who may be contemplating a commercial Blog as a revenue stream.

Does Your Blog Help

This is possibly the most important ingredient before all others, if you wish to Helpbecome an effective, authoritative Blogger. If you genuinely help your audience with issues, interests or their pet initiatives, your Blog will be read. Over time this will lead to your Blog being established as an authority, thus amassing a following. Other Bloggers, also involved with your niche subject, may even begin to look for interaction with you; not at all unusual. The more interest there is, the more traffic is driven to your website, and correspondingly more opportunity is available to monetise your Blog.

Blog With Frequent Consistency

MetronomeShout me Loud author, Harsh Agrawal, asserts that “bloggers need to be self-motivated, in order to get things done”. Serious Bloggers publish in a consistent, regular cadence. To fail to realise this and follow it, is risking the widespread frustration and loss of an audience, which means loss of traffic, which means no revenue.

Be Unique Even Quirky

UniqueWork out what your unique selling proposition (USP) is. Ask yourself what can you might do differently from the other Bloggers in your niche. Readers tend to be attracted to different, quirky and off the wall ideas, themes and concepts. No need to go so far as to shock your audience. The trick is to find an edge that holds the enduring attention of your audience on your Blog pages. Resist any temptation to do what everyone else does and push the boundaries; you will get attention, and reap all the rewards that come with that attention.

Create Word Pictures

Whatever you find yourself writing, it should be able to breathe life into the Bussubstance of what you do write about. This skill might not come easy when you begin to write, but we all have the potential to develop it to some level over time. There is a well-known writers’ technique; ‘staying in the moment’. It is about being totally focused on what is happening in a specific moment in your story, or description, and then giving life in descriptive evocative words, where you are writing to convey rich detail, that serves to animate the words on the screen or paper.

Selection Your Niche With Care

Steampunk a Niche – A Case Study,Steampunk a Niche – A Case Study, is a Blog
post that I wrote to illustrate my belief that anything can be pressed into service Nicheas a Blog niche. However, to exploit your niche you must think about couple of
key principles; first, who is the target audience, secondly, will you sustain an interest in the subject to fuel your writing, either because it is a passion of yours or alternatively, you wish to develop knowledge and learn a lot more about it.

Passion, Belief, Commitment

When you have no emotional or personal investment in your Niche, or how you Passionwrite about it then your audience will know, believe me! They will identify you for the impostor that you are. You are bound to struggle to hold the attention and the following of that audience. Your key purpose as a commercial Blogger is to hold your audience and have them return to your posts and look forward to the experience that you provide for them. Without this you are writing for no one for no purpose, you are just having fun writing. So the best advice remains revisit the paragraph above and choose with some care. Ensure that there is enough interest for you to be productive, remain interested and interesting and that you can offer what your audience are craving.

Challenge The Audience

ChallengeA really good and effective Blog will challenge the audience. It will provoke and invite comment, debate and discussion. It is about making sure that your Blog is a rich interactive and ultimately stimulating experience. In this way your audience unwittingly add value to your content which keeps traffic flowing and your Blog lives!.

Develop a Thick Skined Attitude

Inexperienced Bloggers often find that they struggle with, what they see as, Rhinoovert criticism by way of comments and discussion. Be prepared for this. Controversy on a Blog should be a welcome development for you. It signals that the audience is engaged and the ensuing discussion can be beneficial for driving yet more traffic to your posts. There are some self-preservation rules to consider. When comments contain abusive or prejudicial language then just cut off their oxygen don’t publish them delete them and move on. But never shy away from publishing comments in opposition to your personally held views. Respond ally and professionally, with measured language always avoiding the temptation to be drawn into any emotional exchanges; you have control.

The Best Bloggers

A good Blogger is ultimately one that has their target audience in mind always, and who considers all the factors discussed in this post although it may not always be possible to incorporate them all.

The most successful commercial Bloggers are those that see Blogging as a business but who are simultaneously driven by a genuine desire to help people and to provide products and services that people both want and need.

If your heart is not in it them my strongest recommendation would be, please just don’t bother!

Feedback and Comments

I really enjoy receiving feedback and comments on my Blog. I guarantee to reply within 24 hours.

I hope, this article was of value to you, and that I have provided  information that you were looking for; let me know in the comments!


P.S. If this post has inspired you to become a Blogger yourself, you can find out, how to do just that, by taking a look at my other Blog Post which describes how to go starting a commercial Blog, and which I encourage you to visit.

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6 thoughts on “What is a Blog in Marketing”

  1. I have always enjoyed writing but up to this point I had never considered blogging. But everything in my world changed. Everything in THE world changed. And this may be a new beginning for me. I’m eager to give blogging a try.

    Reading about connecting with our audience and crafting content excites me. Let’s do this!

  2. Writing has always been my thing but blogging? I have not really thought of my self as a blogger with so many followers. It seems like the qualities of a good blogger is not so far fetched because these are things that I can actually do and become a good blogger myself. You know so much about this. How long have you been blogging?

    • Thanks Riley,

      Blogging for only 80 days but a content writer for about 8 years as a freelancer writing for others.

      Thanks for coming by 


  3. The fear of having to sit down in isolation and write about my passion while trying to monetize it has been daunting to me before and that was why I have never blogged. But with the covid19, there is now a mandatory reason to stay home in isolation. Hence, this couldn’t be more than a better time for me right now. Thanks so much for sharing this here

    • i hope very much that it helps you to get where you want to be, good luck and thanks for taking the time to comment.



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